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Skoda releases a new Acoustic Vehicle Alert System that is unique to each of its electric vehicles, starting with the Enyaq iV.

02 Dec 2020 | International News : Czech Republic

Skoda's future has a new soundtrack. The brand has revealed details of the new Enyaq iV's acoustic signature - a specially composed harmonic sound that forms the car's Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) system. Developed in-house at Skoda, the sound motif was created in collaboration with a team of composers and will be unique to the Enyaq iV.

Under current European legislation, all new electric vehicles must be fitted with an AVAS system that emits an artificial sound. As customers have come to expect from a detail-focused brand like Skoda, the Enyaq iV launches with one of the most sophisticated, and harmonious, AVAS systems in the industry.

The speaker on the Enyaq iV was developed to ensure maximum performance with minimal weight and packaging requirements
The sound was created under the direction of Pavel Orendas and his team from the Skoda development centre. The sound was designed with the help of professional music composers and will be unique to the Enyaq iV.

Unlike other brands that have tried to imitate the sound of an internal combustion engine, the Enyaq iV's sound signature has a more electronic and futuristic feel that is easy on the ear yet noticeable enough to make other road users and pedestrians aware of its presence.

The sound is emitted from a special speaker system built into the front of the Enyaq iV. The wide-frequency speaker and electronics are fully integrated into a tiny box that is mounted onto the battery cooling module via three rubber bushes.

Its position and mounting design means that no additional speakers are required, saving weight while ensuring that the distinctive sound signature is audible at the correct volume required by the regulations. To here how the Enyaq iV will sound like, watch Skoda's video on Vimeo here.

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