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The 80,000th Continental GT V8 is finished in an eye-catching Orange Flame paint, with the optional Blackline Specification and Styling Specification.

28 Jan 2021 | International News : U.K.

The Home of Bentley in Crewe, U.K. has produced the 80,000th individual, made-to-order example of the Continental GT. The 80,000th car - a right-hand drive Continental GT V8 in Orange Flame - was handcrafted earlier this week, in the world's first carbon neutral factory for luxury car production.

The platform beneath the car was upgraded to a Bentley design for the third generation, allowing a totally new stance, proportions and levels of dynamic ability that raised the bar again. Wrapped in a totally new bodywork design, with sharper lines and more flowing surfaces, the Continental GT remains a stylish and thoroughly contemporary grand tourer.

The 80,000th car was specced with the optional Blackline Specification and Styling Specification, both adding to the car's presence
A statement of true luxury, the third generation Continental GT represents the pinnacle of Bentley's two-door design and engineering achievements. Effortlessly elegant and more sculpted and sharply defined, the body and materials combine to create truly breath-taking cars.

With a choice of powertrains, one of the most extensive colour palettes in the world and with almost limitless interior options, unique configurations can run into billions of variations.

There are currently a total of 17 billion ways in which a customer can specify a Continental GT. Beyond that, through the services of Bentley Mulliner - Bentley's in-house bespoke division - the only limitation is the imagination of the customer. Owning a Continental GT guarantees both individuality and exclusivity, despite being part of a family now 80,000 strong.

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