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The BYD T3 electric van is now available in Singapore, promising lower running costs for local firms while still offering a competitive payload capacity.

05 Mar 2021 | Local News : Singapore

The Hong Seh Group is starting a new era with the launch of its BYD T3 electric van.

The van is based on a Nissan NV200, but is now fitted with an all-electric drivetrain that promises more cost-efficient running while allowing its owners to perform their logistics operations without any tailpipe emissions.

A new 'EVolution' showroom will showcase the BYD T3 Electric van
The van is powered by a 50.3kWh battery, which translates into approximately 300km of range, sufficient to cover the daily operating needs of most firms.

Speaking of operations, the BYD T3 is also offered in Singapore with an anti-skid and wear-resistant aluminium floor in its cargo bay. This combines with a cargo volume of 3,800 litres and a maximum payload rating of 780kg for some genuine hauling ability. Hong Seh informs us that the BYD T3 is capable of hauling up to 90% of the loads that is expected for commercial vehicles of the same size.

Fleet operators and business owners will be happy to note that the van is also arriving in Singapore with numerous features usually reserved for private cars, including 16-inch alloy wheels, an electronic parking brake, a key-less entry and push-button start system, as well as leather seats.

The van can be charged at a 50kW DC charger to full capacity in just 1.3 hours
Powering the BYD T3 is a 94bhp electric motor that will also offer 180Nm of torque. Being equipped with a Type 2 charging socket means the van can be fully charged from empty in 7.6 hours via a 7.4kW wallbox charger, while DC fast charging at 50kW is also possible, allowing the car to be fully charged in just 1.3 hours.

Hong Seh estimates the fuel cost savings of operating the BYD T3 electric van at close to $6,000 a year when compared against a diesel-powered equivalent vehicle.

And for those still uncertain about making the switch to electric power, Hong Seh is offering the BYD T3 electric van with an eight-year or 500,000km warranty on the battery, whichever comes first. The electric motor of the van meanwhile, is covered by a warranty extending up to five years or 200,000km, whichever comes first.

The 3,800-litre rear has a payload capacity of 780kg
Furthermore, local logistics firm Okwhere has already made the commitment to switch its operations over to electric power, with the first deliveries of the BYD T3 van expected to commence by April this year. So even if you do decide to make the switch now, you or your business will hardly be alone in making the move.

Visit the BYD T3 electric van at Hong Seh's new 'EVolution' showroom unit, located at 237 Alexandra Road, The Alexcier #01-08/09.

Car Model Price as of press time (inclusive of COE)
BYD T3 Electric 50.3 kWh (A) $109,800

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