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The new competition package adds improved handling and transmission performance for the Audi RS4 Avant, Audi RS5 Sportback, and the RS5 Coupe.

18 May 2022 | International News : Germany

Think the regular RS4 or RS5 is a little too sedate for your taste? Audi now has just the thing to satiate the rabid demon within, with this newly announced competition package, available for the RS4 Avant, as well as the RS5 Sportback and RS5 Coupe.

All the competition package-equipped cars continue to sport the 2.9-litre V6, producing 444bhp and 600Nm of torque. The cars however, get a lowered ride height courtesy of an optional coilover suspension, which will drop the car by 10mm lower than standard RS models. Customers can manually lower the ride height by an additional 10mm if they so wish.

Competition package cars get Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres and the RS ceramic brake system for maximum stopping power 
The competition package also sees the cars getting a higher spring rate, three-way adjustable dampers, and stiffer stabilisers to heighten the general driving experience and help shorten lap times.

Audi has also made changes to the quattro sport differentials in the cars which will offer increased degrees of agility and driving fun - especially in the 'dynamic' driving mode.

Changes to the software of the transmission will also reduce gear shifting times and deliver a noticeably increased spread between the various driving modes.

A combination of all these factors means the Audi RS 4 Avant with the competition plus package sprinting from zero to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds, an improvement of 0.2 seconds over the series standard.

The gearshift timings of the competition package cars have also been reduced thanks to software changes to the transmission
The Audi RS5 Coupe or RS5 Sportback meanwhile, does the same sprint in 3.8 seconds, an improvement of 0.1 seconds.

And for stopping power, Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres, a newly tuned ABS software, and the RS ceramic brake system will reduce the stopping distance of the cars by two meters when braking from 100km/h.

All competition package cars can also be had with optional Dinamica/Pearl Nappa combination RS sport seats, with the Dinamica material made of 45% recycled PET fibers.

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