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The 'Not so MINI' life-sized puzzles are designed to keep customers in the U.S.A excited as they await delivery of their vehicles.

27 Jun 2022 | International News : U.S.A

MINI U.S.A has announced that it will be sending select customers in the U.S.A who are awaiting delivery of their MINI a 'Not so MINI' puzzle.

These 'Not so MINI' puzzles will come life-sized, and feature beauty images of MINI vehicles. They are designed to engage customers and keep them excited as they await the arrival of their cars amidst the global-supply-chain slow-down facing the automotive industry.

The firm states that the new offering comes in line with its mission of delivering driving fun and providing owners with unique experiences. And those not as excited about the logistics or storage of such a sizable puzzle are also in the running to receive a more regular-sized puzzle so they can partake in the fun.

MINI U.S.A also plans to use its social media channels to feature new owners and their in-progress and complete puzzles.

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