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Volkswagen Group Singapore had its first year as a sponser for Hole-In-One, and saw the participation of 124 golfers in a bid to build stronger families.

02 Aug 2022 | Local News : Singapore

124 golfers gathered last Thursday (28 July 2022) at the Laguna National Golf Resort Club to hit a hole-in-one for families in Singapore at the Focus on the Family Singapore's annual charity golf event. The main goal of the golfers was to tee off in support of Focus on the Family Singapore's preventative and upstream work to divorce-proof marriages and nurture Covid-resilient parent-child connections.

The golfers participated in novelty games and enjoyed refreshing ice cream on the golf course. They also attended a post-event appreciation dinner and received affirmation and encouragement to persevere in their marriage in a special segment that honoured those who were married for over 10 years.

Golfers got together for a good time, and for a great cause
Generous sponsers who came forward at their own will managed to raise over $213,000, which included individual giving and sale of flights. This also marked the organisation's first year with Volkswagen Group Singapore as the Hole-In-One sponsor. Up for grabs too was the Volkswagen Touraeg R-Line, which currently stands as the current Volkswagen flagship car.

Mr. Tony Soh, Chariman of Focus on the Family Singapore stated that his organisation will continue to build upon the work of the past two decades to nurture mental resilience among youths, as well as strengthening parent and child relationships. He also expressed gratefulness for family champions and advocates.

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