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Citroen marks a new chapter in its history with the introduction of a new logo and brand identity, rolling out in future products from mid-2023.

28 Sep 2022 | International News : France

Citroen has revealed a fresh corporate brand identity and logo, signaling that a new era for the 103-year old brand is underway as it aggresively pushes its mission to make electric mobility accessible to all. As part of this push, the brand will also strive to extend its core characteristics of affordability, audacity and customer wellbeing.

The new look reinterprets the original logo first adopted by founder Andre Citroen, inspired by the success of his first metalworking company producing chevron-shaped 'herringbone' gear systems. The familiar and technical 'deux chevrons' reference has remained at the heart of Citroen's identity ever since.

New brand logo traces its roots back to the original back in 1919
The elegant new emblem signposts the brand's transition and evolution, and will debut at the end of September on a significant conceptual Citroen family vehicle.

Versions of it will then progressively enhance future Citroen production and concept vehicles from mid-2023 on.

Complementing the new logo will be a fresh corporate brand identity programme and the appearance of a new brand signature, which promises 'Nothing Moves Us Like Citroen'.

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