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Sgcarmart and eazy have partnered to offer all a one-stop shop for all their car insurance-buying needs right from Sgcarmart's car insurance directory.

19 Jan 2023 | Local News : Singapore

Getting your car insured is now easier than ever.

Sgcarmart, the leading online marketplace for new and used cars in Singapore, is now partnering with eazy Pte Ltd, a leading broker for insurance services, to offer a seamless insurance option for customers of the site. The insurance options can be viewed at Sgcarmart's Insurance Directory here, offering all users a one-stop shop for all their car insurance-buying needs.

"We are excited about our partnership with as it allows us to bring our insurance services to a much wider audience," said Douglas Chia, CEO of eazy, on the new partnership. "With our new focus on being the leading insurtech company in Singapore, and the recent launch of our new digital portal - we have integrated technology innovation to provide a simpler, faster, more transparent platform for owners to make empowered decisions on purchasing insurance for their cars."

Also speaking on the new partnership was General Manager of Product, for Sgcarmart, Paustina Chou, "With over two million users per month and with capturing over 90% of the local used-car transactions, we are now able to take our experience in the luxury and super car segment and use those learnings to better serve the needs of all car buyers in Singapore. This partnership will allow us to provide customers with an even more convenient, seamless and yes, 'eazy' journey to purchasing a car through Sgcarmart."

Learn more about insurance broker eazy via its website here.

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