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Infratint is where you can find solutions to control the sun's glare and heat in your vehicle, protecting yourselves as well as your passengers.

05 Dec 2012

Introduction: Solar films

Automotive solar films have become one of the most popular aftermarket accessories in the industry, as more people are starting to recognise the inherent functions and its importance in safeguarding their interests. Acting as heat reflection shields, solar films protect occupants from the harmful rays of the Sun. This is of great relevance to our local climate as we receive plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

Using Japanese technology, Infratint's solar films are ensured of their quality and durability
What is Infratint?

Infratint is one of the leading solar film brands in the automotive market. Utilising test-proven Japanese technology in the development and fabrication, Infratint solar films are ensured of its quality and durability.

Contrary to the common misconception that the shade of the solar film denotes its quality or ability to deflect solar radiation, the composite used in the fabrication of the film actually plays a key factor in deciding its protection qualities. Infratint films go through a fabrication process known as 'Sputtering'.

This sputtering technique is a type of nano-technology which makes use of the natural attraction properties of positive and negative ions, forming a lasting bond to the applied surface. The strong bonding restricts the interacting with air and external particles, thus reducing the occurrence of rust and discolouration. In addition, the film is made up of several layers of coatings, boasting abrasion resistance and highly adhesive qualities. The compilation of these layers prevents the film from causing damage to the applied area.

Infratint solar films offer a high Visible Light Transmission (VLT), yet rejecting up to 99.6% of UV rays and 99% of infra-red radiation. This significantly reduces the user's exposure to these harmful radiations from the Sun during their daily commute. Besides keeping out the health-damaging rays, the film also keeps the cabin cooler. This in turn will help reduce the energy required to chill the interior of the car, translating into lower running costs.

Installation of solar films is done in a stringent process, thus minimising the occurrence of defects
Points to note when choosing the right film for your car

As much as quality of the product matters, the application process plays a vital role in the effectiveness and durability of the solar film. To ensure continuality of the product quality to the end user, a specialised team is tasked with the installation of the film. The entire process is undertaken at a fully air-conditioned facility, which minimises the presence of pollutants such as dust or sand. This minimises the occurrence of oxidisation, cracking and peeling, or glass failure.

While it is important to choose a product which offers the best value for money, owners also need to take note that aftermarket fittings on cars need to comply with LTA's set of regulations. Solar films are no exception. Despite having extensive protection qualities, the product does not cause any signal disturbance, such as interfering with the ERP in-car unit. The film's high VLT characteristic also ensures that it is also well within LTA's visual clarity regulations. Infratint has undergone certification by the local and Malaysian authorities so that owners can enjoy a peace of mind while using the product.

To suit the varying needs of each user, Infratint offers a wide range of films. These films are suitable for use on almost all vehicles found in the local market. Three different types of packages are available, namely 'Smoke', 'Titanium', and 'Platinum'. Each package comes with a warranty of up to 7 years.

The professional team of installers at Infratint ensures that your vehicle is left in good care

With the huge variety of solar films in the market, car owners may be confused when it comes to finding the most suitable choice for their ride. Infratint provides high quality solar film solutions. With the firm's Sputtering Technology combined with their professional installation, the firm’s technology has been proven for its effectiveness in resisting heat and harmful radiations.

Coupled with the firm's expertise and experience in the industry, the possibility of product defect is minimised to the lowest level. Moreover, each product package comes with a factory-backed warranty so that consumers can be assured that their interests are taken care of. The ensemble of such qualities makes Infratint a compelling choice for the discerning motorists.

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