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Combining the best technologies into one, Rockford Fosgate's latest 800W Class four-channel amplifier proves to be the perfect choice for music lovers.

05 Jun 2014

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Music lovers, or more specifically audiophiles, will know exactly how much a small difference in the setup of the sound system affects the overall music experience. 

Relaxing at home with music is a thing of the past as more people are spending more time in the car instead
The attention to details boils down to each and every intrinsic component, even to the wires and connectors. And it is this dedication to find the best harmony of components for the most accurate sound reproduction that makes them who they are.

While most of us would picture a lazy afternoon in the comfort of our homes listening to our favourite tunes, the scenario has become more idealistic than realistic. 

That is because in current hectic lifestyles, people are spending more time travelling in their car than at home. That is where the car's audio system comes to play. 

Rockford Fosgate - The iconic name in automotive audio systems 

With the myriad of In-Car Entertainment (ICE) systems in the market, you can be at wits' end looking for one that is suitable for your car.

Rockford Fosgate is a revered name in the car audio industry
When it comes to these aftermarket systems, there are also restrictions that you need to keep in mind, such as electrical capacity and physical space - both of which are less paramount in home audio systems. 

With these factors in mind, Rockford Fosgate set off to design and developed a linear amplifier topology that enhances power efficiency.

Especially in the case of high-performance amplifiers for automotives, efficiency is a staple ingredient so that less current is drawn from the vehicle's electrical system. 

Low current consumption also means that a smaller heat sink is required, thereby allowing more flexibility in the installation process.
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Product Information

Rockford Fosgate T800-4ad

Distributed by


RF Electronics Pte Ltd



The Power T800-4ad offering high fidelity by combining sound quality characteristics of Class-A design with the efficiency of Class-D in one remarkable package.

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