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The hospitable team of mechanics at Pitwerks Ptd Ltd are armed with the latest automotive technology and necessary knowledge to nurse your car back to health.

15 Jan 2016

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Every once in awhile, as we cruise along the expressway, we might come across a poor soul standing next to his car along the road shoulder, frantically mashing the screen of his phone for a tow truck. This unfortunate scenario although unpredictable and sometimes unavoidable, as cars often have a temperament of their own, can be avoided with some tender loving care that comes in the form of regular servicing and maintenance of your car.

Think of engine oil as the life's blood of your car's engine and Pitwerks has a extensive range of Kennol oils for any car
The key to keeping your car running well and down the road is routine servicing and maintenance. Yet, many drivers tend to be lazy when it comes to keeping up with some everyday auto-basics. A regular service schedule is the simplest way to help keep your car running its best.

Things like tire inflation and condition, wheel alignment, engine oil and coolant levels as well as battery and cables, should be checked whenever possible to avoid being the guy stuck on the side of the expressway on a hot or rainy afternoon.

Problem solvers with a passion

It is understandable why some of us aren't exactly excited about visiting the workshop to get our cars checked out. Unlike in movies like the Fast and the Furious where everyone seems like one big happy family, most trips to our regular workshops usually end up as a rather boring and humid affair. Unless you are a frequent customer to the workshop, you are likely to find yourself disinterested and slightly out of place with no one to hang with.
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