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Klar Details has something that many do not offer - its passion, attention to detail, and the correct processes when it comes to car detailing.

21 Jan 2019

In fast-paced Singapore, everyone wants it quick and good. Thus, it comes as to no surprise that there are many places that come up with express detailing jobs and automated ones. But as many of you know, having it fast doesn't necessarily mean it is good.

Klar Details offers the best when it comes to car detailing
The same concept can be applied for anything. So, if you are willing to wait in line for the best curry rice in Singapore that takes days to prepare, you should want the best for your car when it comes to detailing.

Like all good things, it requires time and effort. And when it comes to Klar Details, they will groom your car right to the finest detail.

Passionate about detailing

Klar Details started in 2014 by three passionate individuals, Wilson Goh, Ong Zhi Wei and Winson Seah, whom combined have over 30 years of experience in the automotive and car detailing business.

With that much experience between the three of them, Klar Details have learned of the best practices overtime when it comes to car detailing to keep your car's paint in tip top condition.

You get a sense that the team know what it's doing just by chatting with them, with its detailed explanations of packages and the best applications to suit your car.

And if you were wondering, 'Klar' means 'clean' in German.

Klar Details develops its own products, which are specially formulated for our climate
Products designed and formulated for our climate

Klar Details doesn't just use products that are established in the business, it also has products developed through research and development with its manufacturers.

Named KlarCoat, the products cover all aspects of the car's exterior for coating, including the rims, plastic pieces and windscreen. Due to Singapore's tropical climate, Klar Details also sends feedback to its manufacturers to create products more suited to our environment.

Before the coating application process, the surfaces are also prepared with products from top German detailing houses.

The best trained hands for grooming

The motto of Klar Details, 'Because every detail counts' isn't just a play of words - they have an extra eye for detail - call it OCD, if you wish. It isn't just all about the products, Klar Details fully understands the processes when it comes to detailing.

KlarSpecialists make sure that all paint surfaces are checked for damage before buffing them down for coating
There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach and not every car can follow the same steps for paint correction. Hence, the conditions of paint surfaces are carefully examined under a well-lit area.

Issues such as paint overspray and severe paint degradation are highlighted before KlarSpecialists carry on with preparing the surface for polishing, of which they know first-hand how to.

The extra effort can be seen when they prepare cars for detailing work, too. Surfaces that will not be paint corrected will be taped up to prevent unnecessary damage to plastic surfaces. Despite not even touching these areas, Klar Details mentioned that dust from the buffing machines can rest on black plastic pieces, causing them to degrade and turn into an unsightly white colour overtime.

The correct way of doing things extends not just on exterior detailing. Something that is commonly overlooked is the required National Environment Agency accreditation to handle pest control chemicals, and Klar Details engages a licenced party to conduct such interior pest fumigation services under their supervision.

Infrared heating lamps help to cure body panels after coating. Usually, other car detailing establishments have one or two of these lamps.

Klar Details has four infrared heating lamps, further speeding up the process of curing paint surfaces after coating
As a step up from others, Klar Details has four infrared heating lamps, further speeding up the process of curing coated body panels. This allows for the customer to receive their well-groomed cars in the shortest period of time.

Pampering you and your car

Klar Details always makes sure that you know what you are in for, so when you hand over the keys, you will know that your car will be personally handled by the best hands in the business.

They know that time is of the essence, which is why we own cars to get from point to point in the most efficient time possible. Hence, when you send your car in for coating, Klar Details offers a premium drop off service to your desired destination after leaving your car with them.

Once your car is complete and it is time to collect your well-groomed car, it isn't just a transaction. The team will let you know what has been done, and tips on how to care for your car's paint to ensure a shine for years to come. In any case, the team at Klar Details will always make sure that your car gets the best treatment for whatever condition your car is in and is certainly worth the wait.

To find out more about how every detail counts when it comes to car detailing, head on over to Klar Details' Facebook page. Klar Details is located at 48 Toh Guan Road East, #02-124 Enterprise Hub Singapore (608586). For enquires, Klar Details can be reached by phone at 6635 6703.
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