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Autoimage Enterprise, a veteran of the car audio industry, is future-proofing audio upgrades with its range of Esatto Digital Signal Processors.

16 Apr 2019

Car manufacturers are increasingly advancing the technology of their infotainment systems. As such, headunits are no longer as easily upgradable as before, with many car owners unable to swop out their car's headunits due to the design of the car's dashboards and more complicated wiring systems.

Headunits in new cars aren't as easily replaceable as before due to design of their dashboards, such as the ones found in brands like Mazda 
But that doesn't mean car owners cannot improve the quality of sound they enjoy in their cars. With 35 years of experience in the business, Ted from Autoimage Enterprise is presenting the future of car audio enhancement.

Upgrade your sound system with just a DSP

To solve the problem of unchangeable headunits, the authorised distributor of Esatto Car Audio is offering customers the Italian brand's Digital Signal Processors (DSP).

With Esatto's extensive range, beginning from the entry-level Massa MA-D4 and the mid-range model Comado CO-D6, to the high-end Rispetto RO-D8, there's something for everyone.

DSPs combine the capabilities of crossovers, equalisers, and line output converters all into one device
But what's a DSP?

A DSP is a device that hooks between the source of your music to the car's amplifier. The source is typically a radio, but can also be anything that plays audio, such as a smartphone.

The signal that is shot from the source must pass through the DSP on its way to the amplifier. While the signal is passing through you are free to modify the signal in a way you see fit.

What sets this device apart from others similar to it is that a DSP combines the capabilities of crossovers, equalisers, and line output converters all into one device. A DSP offers plenty of different features - each of which gives the user the ability to customise their music listening experience.

Think of it as ECU tuning, but for your car's stereo system.

The Esatto DSP offers a near-endless amount of ways to customise your music listening experience with just one simple device
What's so special about Esatto's, then?

Esatto's DSPs have a built-in 31-band equaliser per channel, with options of graphic and parametric equalisers. The sound quality of standard factory-fitted stereo systems in all cars is limited to the built-in equaliser, which only has two variables - treble and bass.

So with the Esatto DSP's 31-band equaliser, the individual sound properties of each channel can be enhanced and corrected according to the acoustic environment.

Some notable features of Esatto's DSP include…

With its electronic crossover feature, it allows the control of audio signals to the individual speakers, by tuning to an optimal frequency to optimise mechanical performance, such as eliminating vibration noise caused by bass on the door panels.

At the same time, its time alignment feature allows you to digitally delay the closest speakers so that every speaker reaches your ears at the same time. You might not have realised it up until this point, but the slight delay when the sound waves actually reach your ears greatly affects your sound stage and your overall listening experience.

Esatto's tuning programme is so user-friendly that you can pretty much tune it yourself using just a smartphone
The latest Bluetooth technology it employs also allows for near lossless audio quality, especially when played from your smartphone. This means superb Bluetooth transmission quality, unlike factory systems. Additionally, for cars that do not come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, this is the perfect solution.

More importantly, tuning the DSP to its ideal settings isn't rocket science. Its tuning programme is user-friendly and can pretty much be tuned by anyone with a laptop or smartphone, with up to eight user settings available for ultimate listening pleasure.

Users can download programme from as well as the smartphone apps here

No modification, no voiding of warranty

But most importantly, the Esatto DSP does not require any modification of the factory car audio wiring. This means that car owners need not worry about voiding their warranty. Installation is also quick and clean with minimal cable exposure.

Italian manufacturer Esatto also offers a wide range of car audio upgrade components such as speakers
And for car owners seeking even further audio upgrades, Esatto also offers a full range of products including subwoofers, speakers and amplifiers. Autoimage Enterprise is the sole distributor for Esatto products in Singapore, and Ted has ensured that his team is well trained in the art of customer service, product recommendation, as well as installation.

As a market leader in car audio industry, Esatto constantly supports their business partners, such as Autoimage, with its latest technology updates.

The brand provides in-depth technical training to their committed international distributors and retailers, and as such, you can rest assured that your upgrades are in good hands at Autoimage.

Autoimage Enterprise is located at 159 Sin Ming Road, Amtech Building, #01-09 Singapore (575625). The team can be contacted at 6455 5031. Ted is currently running a promotion for the Esatto DSPs, which begin at just $980, for a year. So if you're considering one, there's no better time than now.
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