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Looking at car-sharing options in our current climate? Car Club offers a solution that prioritises safety, cleanliness, and much more.

22 May 2020

Our current climate is one that is uncertain, with cases of COVID-19 rising up every day. Hence, when it comes to moving the family around in this current situation, it is best to move around in a private vehicle, to avoid the chances of infection.

With our current situation, it might not make sense to some to own a car now, or in the future either. With the possibility of a recession looming, perhaps it might not be ideal to deal with the associated running costs of owning a car.

What if you don't own a car, and you would like to travel in your own form of private transport? Well, Car Club's fleet will certainly meet your needs.

What is Car Club?

Car Club's fleet of family-oriented vehicles are strategically placed in residential neighbourhoods for convenient access
Car Club is a mobility company that first started out its car-sharing business here in Singapore in 1997.

In fact, Car Club is the first company in Singapore to introduce such a car-sharing scheme, making it the longest running car-sharing service in Singapore.

Providing a unique, efficient and cost-effective solution for its customers, Car Club strives to provide you a service that is like your own car, without the high upkeep and maintenance costs involved.

Car Club's fleet consists of a wide selection of cars including MPVs, SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks and more. There are many stations all across Singapore, conveniently located in residential neighbourhoods.

No need to hunt for the car you've booked either, as Car Club has its own dedicated lots at every station
Car Club isn't just about car-sharing, it is a mobility solutions provider. In partnership with Willers and ST Engineering, Car Club recently launched Asia's first commercialised autonomous vehicle at Gardens by the Bay.

It doesn't just offer visitors there a shuttle service in air-conditioned comfort between Bayfront Plaza and Flower Dome. It too is a unique experience, with digital glass technology accentuating the experience at night.

Safer and better everyday transport

Car Club's vehicles have little decals, making it just like your own personal car
With such a long track record, it means Car Club is doing something right. And it starts by understanding the needs of its customers.

Car Club's vehicles come with minimal to no decals, and it is just like driving your own car.

Car Club cares for its customers too. An example is the current COVID-19 situation. Car Club has deployed hand sanitisers at all of its stations for its members to use.

Cars too will come with disinfectants and all cars washed regularly to keep hygiene standards up high.

Hand sanitisers have been deployed across all of Car Club's stations for its members to use before and after their journeys
Heading to the supermarket to stock up on daily essentials? Car Club has got you covered. It isn't just the convenience of having your own car to do the grocery run - all cars come with grocery bags that's free to use, too.

While these are added measures taken, Car Club's vehicles have been well known to be clean and gleaming, with its operations team ensuring that Car Club's vehicles are kept clean.

With Car Club, it is just like having your own clean car you can use daily.

Cars for the family

Car Club's range of vehicles mean that you'll always have the ability to book the right car for your needs at any time
These precautionary steps taken are especially useful for families, which is one of  the focuses of Car Club. With its safety measures in place, you are assured that you'll be in good hands when driving a car from Car Club's fleet.

That said, Car Club's fleet include a range of vehicles that are fairly new and are well maintained.

Its vehicles range from family friendly sedans like the Toyota Vios and Suzuki Ciaz, to MPVs to haul bigger families around like the Toyota Wish and Toyota Sienta.

The best part of it all is the option to choose any car that suits your needs in that moment. Need a small runabout, or a big car to haul your groceries and family too? Just get on the app, book your ride and off you go!

Karaoke with the family? Why not!

With actual Karaoke microphones, your passengers can enjoy belting out their favourite ballads in Car Club's Karaoke cars
It isn't just comfortable cars to get you and your family around. Car Club has cars that provide a form of entertainment, too!

Step into the Karaoke fleet. Car Club's fleet of Karaoke cars consist of actual Karaoke systems that are preloaded with a wide selection of songs.

Instead of going to an actual Karaoke lounge, you can keep your family and friends entertained as you go along your drive.

Cars for ladies, too!

The specially curated fleet of Nissan Notes come with extra features and is available for all members to book
Looking for a chic car to get around? Car Club's fleet of Nissan Note hatchbacks might be something right up your alley.

Available for all members, these cars come with special features, including connectivity features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Plus, theres an exclusive Lady's Plan, which offers special rental rates for all cars in its fleet - including the Nissan Note.

These cars even come with a promotional amenities kit that's free for all of its members. The Everyday Essentials pack includes hand sanitisers, wet wipes and face masks. Car Club will always replace the bags when they’re taken, too.

Car Club - the safer private transport choice

Easily book a car anytime, anywhere with Car Club's latest mobile app
Whether is it moving your family around or heading to places to do daily necessities, getting an A-to-A vehicle from Car Club is a safer choice.

After all, it has been in the business for over 20 years, and truly understands the needs and wants of its customers as a mobility solutions provider.

With Car Club, it means that you can in fact do away with owning a car. And in this current climate, it might just be a wise financial choice to make.

So, looking for a comfortable private car without the running costs involved? Car Club is your affordable and safer choice. To find out more, you can head over to or Car Club's Facebook page.

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