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Durable, great looking and easy to clean, ENZO TPV car mats do just what they are supposed to do, and does it much better than others in the market.

15 Dec 2021

Car mats are often taken for granted, you get into your car and step on them, all without taking a second look at the mats. And you probably won't ever notice them until they start to fall apart, or get dirty enough to attract pests.

That shouldn't be the case though - you should make the effort to keep your car mats clean and in good condition, to ensure a comfortable environment for your family and yourself. Of course, a good set of car mats will go a long way in making this a simpler task.

Your old car mats just aren't up to the task

ENZO TPV mats are vastly different from the common mats that you are used to
There are quite a few common car mats that you'll see in cars in Singapore. Many cars come equipped with fabric carpet mats which, while simple and neat looking, suffer from high wear and tear, low water resistance and gets dirty really easily.

An aftermarket car mat that you'll often see is the 'curly' mats, these are something thrown in as a free gift when you purchase a car here - likely why they are so common here. These mats are able to trap dirt and other contaminants effectively, in fact, they do it so well that you'll face difficulty trying to clean them thoroughly. Likewise, durability is less than stellar with such mats, and worn patches are easily visible.

A more recent trend is PVC car mats that are moulded precisely to the shape of your car's footwell. While these exude a luxurious look, and are easy to clean, they aren't exactly suited for heavy-duty usage.

The ideal car mat, of course would be something that looks good, does its job of trapping dirt and contaminants well, protecting the car's original carpeting underneath, durable and also easy to clean. Luckily, ENZO TPV mats are just that.

Precisely made car mats that beautify your car’s interior

ENZO TPV car mats are available with four different coloured edges to suit your car
ENZO TPV car mats are tailor-made according to each car model's floorboard, ensuring a perfect fitment that looks and works well.

The TPV car mats are manufactured in house at ENZO's factory to a high standard to ensure customer satisfaction. TPV is a form of vulcanised rubber that is much more durable than other materials commonly used for car mats. The mats are manufactured using a mould which ensures a consistent, quality car mat featuring attractive honeycomb-shaped recesses that trap dirt effectively.

While the TPV material that makes up the bulk of the car mat is black, ENZO car mats are available with four different coloured edges to suit your preference and the interior colour scheme of your car.

Practicality is key with ENZO car mats

12 unique properties set ENZO TPV car mats apart from others in the market
The TPV material used in ENZO car mats is very durable, which is just what you want. A car mat has to be able withstand the abrasion from the shoes of the driver and passengers for a reasonable amount of time - a car mat with a hole in it wouldn't be useful in keeping the elements out of the car's built-in carpeting.

The durability of ENZO car mats makes it the drivers' choice. It doesn't even require the addition of a heelpad to hold up to the repetitive abrasion by the driver's shoes.

TPV also has many other desirable properties, it is waterproof, non-toxic, heat resistant and recyclable. This means that dirt and mud won't be able to permeate the car mat to dirty your car. Its heat resistance and non-toxic nature also ensures a safe environment for all occupants of the car.

The TPV material is extremely durable, and would be able to hold up to repetitive abrasion
To keep drivers and their families safe, ENZO TPV car mats are integrated with Japanese Silver Ion Technology which will effectively kill up to 99.9% of bacteria to provide a safer environment.

Unlike other car mats, ENZO TPV mats are easy to maintain as you can wash and dry it without taking up too much time, dirt aren't entangled deeply within the mat like the curly types, and it wouldn't retain water like fabric mats as well.

Customer-oriented service

ENZO car mats are available for almost all cars in the market. Mats for common models are usually in stock, if you own a new model, or even older cars that are no longer common, ENZO is able to customise a set of car mat for you - all in less than 2 weeks.

Knowing the common concern on the accelerated wear of the driver side car mat, ENZO mats are covered with a five-year, one-time, one to one exchange warranty on the driver mat (subject to terms and conditions).

ENZO is located at 50 Serangoon North Avenue 4 #02-20 First Centre, Singapore 555856. It is open from 11:00am - 8:00pm from Monday to Saturday. You can get your ENZO TPV car mats from ENZO's website or contact it at 6208 0153 / 8333 1984.

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