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Melding (mostly) unequivocal answers with deadpan humour, Giek talks to the media about all things Taycan - including what he feels about its power.

20 Jul 2022

Has it been three years since the Porsche Taycan received its flashy world premiere across three continents?

Initially unveiled solely as a sports saloon in two 'engine variants' (Porsche's words, not ours), the Taycan continues to be held up as an example of how performance carmakers, steeped in heritage and pedigree, can transfuse their DNA into machines for the future that still induce a rush of adrenaline when one is behind the wheel. 

Kevin Giek, Vice President Model Line Taycan, Porsche
The folks at Zuffenhausen have clearly been having fun in the tinkering department too - we've gotten two more body types, and the 'sweet spot' GTS variant in the interim - and we're all the better for it.

Beneath the surface, the team has also been taking notes for improvement, as evidenced by its latest announcement of another free software update that will be extended to all Taycan-owners. Highlights include an enhancement of the car's powertrain efficiency for more range, better battery conditioning, as well as a refreshed infotainment system.

Ahead of the announcement, Kevin Giek, Porsche's Vice President Model Line Taycan, spoke to the media in a roundtable interview on what the latest updates will entail, as well as to address questions on the Taycan, period. Here are a few select responses.

When asked if the Taycan will be receiving bumps in power output:

"No, there aren't power upgrades. Right now power is good, don't you think so? Who is missing the power?"

Based on the headlines we've gotten over the years - like this, this, and this - we'd say Giek is right.

When asked about what else can be "squeezed out" of the Taycan: 

The Taycan Turbo S has a manic 751bhp and 1,050Nm of torque
"Is this question asking more about power? Or what's the background of the question? Squeeze out - I don't know what I should squeeze out of the Taycan."

(Giek will later on go on to reiterate that there are "no concrete plans for the future" to increase the Taycan's power output, nor to upgrade the battery hardware - the team is confident enough of both the car's power and efficiency at their current levels, as optimised by software.)

When asked about the possibility of a Taycan GT:

"There are always possibilities but no concrete plans." Delivered with what we could have sworn was a light smirk.

Still, this differs slightly from the aforementioned instance in which Giek didn't shy away from shooting down the possibility of a battery-hardware upgrade, so we'll take it as a win. Otherwise, we do already have the Taycan GTS.

When asked what the most important lesson learned over the past three years with the Taycan is:

The Sports Turismo was unveiled alongside the Taycan GTS variant with over 500km of range (WLTP)
"Oh, there are a lot of lessons. Which is more valuable, which is not - it's very hard to answer that question.

What we learned… is how to use the car in regards to charging, which means - how you (achieve) the best (optimisation) in temperature for the battery to have the best experience in fast charging.

This one is - I think - the biggest learning (point) we have on our side."

Giek shared that the car's navigation system is able to work with the battery to pre-heat or cool it to an optimal temperature window in preparation for fast-charging, when a Taycan driver routes the car for it. 

When asked how the latest round of software updates for the Taycan (and in general, those for EVs) compares to facelifts on ICE cars in terms of what reaches the end consumer

The latest version of PCM 6.0 is included on the 2023 model year software update
"I would say we've never had such a big update like what we see here. You will get a complete new Porsche Communication Management (PCM - the marque's infotainment system); it has a complete new look and feel. We have much better charging navigation, charging planning; we have much better conditioning of the car in preparation for charging.

From what I know so far, we've never had comparable updates like this. It's the biggest one, and one I've never seen on a combustion-engine car."

Check out our complete run-down of all the upgrades set to impact earlier model years of the Taycan with the 2023 model year's updates here - including how range will be changed for Singaporean-sold models! 

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