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KGC Workshop is a one-stop shop that fixes all your car problems
16 Jan 2020
Do not mistake it for just a one-stop servicing shop, KGC have the capability to restore your car from the ground up, inside and out at one convenient location!
Goh Zhi Xuan | 7,153 views | Features
9 paint protection specialists that Singaporeans can rely on
02 Jan 2020
Do you love the perfect colour, shine and gloss of a new car? Here are the best paint protection specialists to keep your car in that showroom-fresh condition.
James Chan, Photos by Motor Directory Team | 9,788 views | Car Ownership Advice
Get Kavaca's latest paint protection film at ACE GT
05 Sep 2019
Get your car the latest in instant-healing paint protection film technology at ACE GT and stay protected against against scratches and oxidation.
Local News | 2,780 views | Other News
Artdeshine invents Nano Graphene coating to offer ultimate protection
03 Sep 2019
In order to achieve the best shine and protection, Artdeshine formulates and manufacture specialised automotive care products that cannot be found elsewhere.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 25,894 views | Features
Alchemists Detailing Giveaway - Win paint protection packages worth up to $1,026
16 Aug 2019
Take part in our August sgCarMart contest by answering questions about Alchemists Detailing and stand a chance to win prizes worth up to $1,026.
Local News | 4,154 views | Other News
5D Solutions offers STEK paint protection film
11 Jul 2019
5D Solutions Pte Ltd offers STEK films that protect your cars paintwork with a 10 year guarantee against any bubbling, cracking, peeling or yellowing.
Local News | 3,175 views | Other News
Protect yourself from the heat and harmful radiation with Solar Gard
05 Jul 2019
Almost every car in Singapore is equipped with solar films to keep the heat out. However, quality can be vastly different, it is important to get the right one.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 15,214 views | Features
Vglobal Car Salon offers car grooming for car lovers
15 May 2019
While there are many car grooming establishments, Vglobal Car Salon has an edge with its deep understanding of cars and a keen passion for car detailing.
Idris Talib | 13,785 views | Features
BlackNano announces special paint protection promotions
28 Mar 2019
BlackNano Pte Ltd, a car detailing establishment, has announced special promotions for its range of Gyeon paint protection services.
Local News | 1,499 views | Other News
Klartech Detailer - Quality paint protection with assurance
26 Mar 2019
Klartech Detailer is Singapore's only car detailer that offers game-changing comprehensive assurance policies on paint protection for a lasting car shine.
Idris Talib | 8,498 views | Features
3M Paint Protection Car Treatment worth $900 to be won
16 Dec 2018
Take part in our December sgCarMart contest by answering questions about D'Shine Car Care and stand a chance to win a 3M Paint Protection treatment worth $900!
Local News | 408 views | Other News
Fully protect your car with STEK paint protection films
14 Aug 2018
We meet up with New Age Polish to find out more about STEK Paint Protection Films, which provide exceptional paint protection benefits.
Idris Talib, Photos by Low Fai Ming and New Age Polish | 16,928 views | Features
5D Solutions - Paint protection for your whole car
29 Aug 2017
5D Solutions offers peace of mind if you're looking to invest in paint protection services for your car's paintwork.
Text by Ben Chia, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 17,450 views | Features
Understanding ThreeBond's glass coating paint protection systems
29 Sep 2016
ThreeBond offers drivers a range of glass coating paint protection systems that helps to protect and preserve your car's paintwork.
Text by Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 17,074 views | Features
Ceramic PRO - A 'must have' surface protection for new vehicles
20 Sep 2016
Ceramic PRO 9H's permanent bond is designed for automotive paint finishes, with an 'above 9H' rated coating for more resistance and durability.
Text by Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 18,973 views | Features