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Equipped with 4MATIC, a nine-speed gearbox and a beastly drivetrain, the Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC is no less capable than the C 63 S.

20 Jun 2016

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The Mercedes-AMG C43 Cabriolet that you see here is to C63 like how BMW M Performance is to pure-bred M cars or how the S models are to RS models in Audi's lineup.

Although these cars are marketed as models that are merely a notch lower from the top-of-the-line cars, their driving performance is often on par or even sweeter than them, thanks to technological advancement, superior engineering as well as attractive pricing.

The car looks good even with the soft-top roof in place

This seems to be the case for the C43 Cabriolet. While it's a car that will never be as brutal as the V8-powered C63 S Cabriolet that we tested, it'll be one that many will choose over the bigger and more powerful brethren.

Up close and Personal

Shod with flared arches, enlarged intakes and 19-inch wheels, the C43 looks every bit as antagonistic as the C63 S Cabriolet. Along with its diamond grille and 4MATIC moniker, this car strikes a sweet balance between sporty and stylish.

As such, it's a rather unstated car. To the casual observers, this would easily pass off as another regular C-Class Cabriolet but it's only to the keen-eyed driver who will try and sneak up beside the C43 just to have a peek at the driver to give him the thumbs up.

360 litres of boot space (with roof in place) will see to your daily needs

Step inside and the cabriolet offers a personal touch that makes life easier for both the driver and passenger. Sporty red seatbelts are served to them once the doors have been pulled shut. Leather upholstery on the dash, door panels, centre console and armrest is topped off with red stitching that nicely matches the snazzy seatbelts.

While most 2+2 cabriolets often have a lack of space at the rear, the C43 is otherwise. Rear benches will fit two Asian adults without fuss, with adequate head and legroom.

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