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From 1 October 2019 onwards, Singapore cars will have to register for a Vehicle Entry Permit to get through the customs to Malaysia. Here's what you should do.

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Back in April this year, the Malaysian Ministry of Transport announced that the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) system will be enforced from October onwards - only VEP-registered vehicles will be allowed to enter Malaysia.

Fortunately, registering for VEP is a rather simple process. You do, however, need to travel to Malaysia to complete the process. Oh, don't think you can get away without registering for it as well. Foreign vehicles that enter Malaysia without registering for VEP will be slapped with a penalty of RM150! Hence, being true-blue kiasu Singaporeans, we went ahead and got our VEP completed. Here's how you can get yours too.

Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP)

The VEP RFID tag is a small rectangular, tamper-proof tag that is affixed to the inside of a vehicle's windscreen
The VEP is a mandatory permit issued by the Road Transport Department of Malaysia that allows foreign vehicles to enter Malaysia. Registered vehicles will be issued with non-transferable, tamper-proof RFID tags containing information which identifies the vehicle.

The RFID tag can also be used in conjunction with the Touch 'n Go eWallet for payment of toll fee on highways (RFID lane). A processing fee of RM10 is required for the VEP RFID tag which will be valid for five years.

Registering for VEP

Things you will need:

- Vehicle details (retrieve vehicle log card through One.Motoring dashboard)
- Passport
- Vehicle insurance cover note

The VEP collection point at Gelang Patah Southbound RnR is a tentage located at the parking area
1. Create a VEP account at the VEP website and activate your VEP account upon receiving the email prompting you to do so.

2. Log in to your VEP account and register your vehicle, you will need to input your personal details (including your NRIC, Passport number and address), as well as comprehensive details of your vehicle (including the chassis number and engine number, you can retrieve these information from your vehicle's log card. You will also have to input your vehicle's insurance information as per the cover note).

3. You will receive the VEP confirmation slip in your e-mail. This is a two page document (pdf file) consisting of your personal as well as vehicle details. Print this document out.

4. After a few working days, you will then receive an invitation to collect the VEP tag in your email. You will have to download the 'Touch 'n Go eWallet' smartphone application and create an account with the same credentials
After getting a queue number, wait to be called over to the counters to submit your documents and make payment
as per the VEP account. You can now make an appointment to collect the VEP tag (collection is strictly by appointment, no walk-in will be entertained).
Collecting your VEP RFID tag

Your VEP RFID tag can be collected at four locations:

1. Lima Kedai Toll Plaza
2. Pandan RnR
3. Gelang Patah Southbound RnR
4. Plaza Angsana Open Carpark C

The VEP RFID tag will be attached by the VEP staff on the inner side of the windscreen, behind the rear view mirror or on the head light (if the RFID tag can't be attached on the windscreen due to technical reasons). We chose to collect our VEP RFID tag at the Gelang Patah Southbound RnR, which is located right before the Malaysia customs, towards the direction of Tuas.

The smaller tentage is where the staff will affix the VEP RFID tag on your car's windscreen
VEP RFID tag collection - items to bring (documents in physical copy):

- The registered vehicle
- Processing fee of RM10
- Photocopy of passport
- Confirmation slip (two-page document with personal and vehicle details)
- Tag appointment confirmation slip (one-page document detailing appointment location and time)
- Vehicle log card (retrieved from one.motoring)
- Photocopy of latest vehicle insurance cover note

VEP RFID tag collection point - step by step walkthrough (procedure may vary at different collection points):

1. Place your documents in an A4 tray on the enquiry desk and wait to be called over.

From afar, the VEP RFID tag is barely noticeable - you shouldn't worry about it cramping your car's style
2. When your number plate is called, proceed over to the enquiry desk to go over all documents with the staff. You will receive a queue number if all required documents are present.

3. Once your queue number is called, proceed over to the counter and pass all documents to the staff.

4. Your queue number will be called again. This time, proceed to the counter and make a payment of RM10 and you will receive a set of documents and the VEP RFID tag.

5. Pass the documents and VEP RFID tag to the staff manning the counter in charge of pasting the VEP RFID tag.

6. Drive your vehicle over to the counter. VEP staff will proceed to paste the VEP RFID tag on your vehicle's windscreen.

*Please refer to the gallery section for examples of the vehicle log card, confirmation slip, tag appointment confirmation slip, as well as photos of the process.

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