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Volkswagen has announced that the respective performance models of the ID. family will wear the GTX logo in the future.

17 Apr 2021 | International News : Germany

Volkswagen has revealed a new 'GTX' sub brand for the sporty, top-of-the-range variants of the ID. family of cars.

The new brand will make a first appearance on the ID.4 GTX, to be revealed on 28 April 2021.

Volkswagen states that the GTX models will impress when it comes to performance and design. The GTX cars will come equipped with an additional electric motor at the front axle, offering all-wheel drive into the ID. family designed for maximum efficiency. The additional motor switches on intelligently within a few milliseconds when very high performance or strong traction are required. In the new 'Traction' driving mode, it is even permanently activated.

In addition, sporty design details and their own light signature underline the top performance of the GTX models.

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