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The SAIC R Ryzr concept could be the perfect option to get your driving and riding thrills in, while staying fashionable of course.

25 Sep 2021 | International News : U.K.

SAIC Design has revealed the wild R RYZR - half motorbike and half car, it even comes with its own wearable suit to boot.

The R RYZR concept was developed for SAIC's EV-only 'R' brand. Described as the ultimate symbiosis of man and machine, it comes with a jacket that both interlocks with and unlocks the vehicle, conveniently doing away with the need for a separate key.

The concept is said to offer customers the opportunity to get away from public transport, and instead enjoy a more 'instinctive' experience by combining motorcycle agility with car-like stability.

The concept also merges cutting edge technical apparel and with an escape from crowded spaces. And although no power figures are given, it is also said to share the brand philosophy of ‘R’ - that of effortless power.

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