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The 993R is a Porsche 993 with a narrow body, modern Porsche GT derived components and Paul Stephen's precision engineered parts.

05 Aug 2022 | International News : U.K.

The Porsche 993 is considered the most rounded air-cooled Porsche 911 generation to exist, combining high levels of liveability with an engaging driving experience. Having to undertake the brief of improving it is definitely not an envious task.

However, Paul Stephens's latest Autoart customer commissioned a 993 build with the instructions that it should have a 25% improvement in every area. This simple piece of instruction took more than 5 years to execute and several thousand miles of road and track development, which has resulted in the production ready Paul Stephens Autoart 993R that we see today.

3.8-litres, 997 GT3 crankshaft and RSR Pistons - a recipe for a glorious engine note
The 993R combines a narrow-bodied, air-cooled 993 series 911 with Original Equipment race-validated 993RS and modern Porsche GT-derived components coupled with Paul Stephen's bespoke engineered parts. It aims to combine the best of both worlds, namely the rawness and charisma of an old school air-cooled Porsche and the modern yet lightweight manufacturing advances of today.

The engine of the 993R is a highlight, with the most exquisite 'ingredients' such an enlarged 3.8-litre engine featuring a 997 GT3 crankshaft, RSR pistons, camshafts machined to Paul Stephen's own design and featuring Porsche Motorsport solid lifters. This results in a peak power of 330bhp, which is achieved at 7,400rpm. For those who feel 330bhp is a tad anaemic, they can opt for a 360bhp version that has as visceral 8,500 rpm redline.

Torque has also been increased to provide 360Nm at 5,675rpm, with weight reduced to 1,190kg dry. These power figures may not sound like a lot in the age of 1000bhp hypercars but we are sure that this engine provides an all-consuming, Porsche motorsport-esque experience.

You know that things are going to get very, very special when there is the letter R on a Porsche
The Autoart team also fitted a modern Wavetrac ATB limited slip differential and Tractive Ace semi-active adjustable suspension, which is linked to an Electrical Control Module. It has been programmed by the team with five individual settings that can be controlled from the cabin by the driver even when the car is on the move.

Paul Stephens remarked that the 993R project had pushed the company's air-cooled experience to the limit when it came to engine, suspension, lightweight panels and the bespoke, minimalist interior the car possesses. He also made sure that the car embodied the 'less is more' philosophy, which is the defining hallmark of the best drivers' cars.

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