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Highlights for the new, much anticipated Toyota Prius include a unique monoform silhouette that employs a wide and low stance with large-diameter tyres.

17 Nov 2022 | International News : Japan

Toyota has unveiled the all new Toyota Prius globally, with Series Parallel Hybrid (HEV) models to launch around the end of this year and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) models to launch in spring 2023.

With cumulative sales of 5.05 million units worldwide thus far, the Prius has proven to be a hybrid automobile that has been cherished by countless customers.

The Prius now has more stylish proportions
In order to maintain the level of desirability that the Prius commanded in its previous generations, Toyota had to ensure that the new Prius did more than just be an environmentally friendly car. Thus, it was developed to be an even more exciting product than ever before.

Starting from the exterior, we can see that the new Prius now possesses more stylish proportions through a low centre of gravity and large-diameter 19-inch wheels. The rear design offers a combination taillights extending horizontally to the left and right.

The new Prius interior is based on the 'island architecture' concept, which aims to achieve a low-stress, spacious interior, with a cockpit that makes it easier to concentrate on driving. The instrument panel uses Toyota's first illuminated warning system. Ambient lighting is also present to highlight the interior.

The interior will provide low-stress motoring
As for the engine, the new Prius Prime will come with Toyota's first 2.0-litre Plug-in Hybrid System, which combines a Dynamic Force Engine and lithium-ion batteries for an output of 220bhp.

With its newfound power, the Prius Prime is able to accelerate from zero to 100km/h in just 6.7 seconds, making it faster than any Prius which came before.

Pure EV driving range has also been improved, now at about 50% higher than the previous model. This means that the new Prius Prime can operate on EV mode alone for most daily drives.

Pure EV driving range of the Prius Prime has been improved with lithium ion batteries which offer 50% more pure EV driving range than before
A 2.0-litre and 1.8-litre Parallel Hybrid System will also be available, outputting 190bhp for the 2.0-litre version, which represents a 1.6 times increase over the older model.

An available E-Four on-demand all-wheel drive system will also offer improved uphill performance on low-friction road surfaces like snow-covered roads, and greater stability when turning.

It also comes with a 'My Room Mode' that lets users enjoy air conditioning and audio systems from the external power source by turning the power switch on during charging, making the interior space even more comfortable.

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