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Cycle & Carriage announced its partnership with Great Wall Motor to bring in the ORA brand to Singapore, starting with the Good Cat.

08 Mar 2023 | Local News : Singapore

Cycle & Carriage Singapore announced its partnership with Great Wall Motor to bring in the latter's ORA brand of electric vehicles to Singapore today. The momentous occasion took place at Jewel Changi Airport's Cloud9 Piazza where the ORA Good Cat, the first ORA product poised to enter Singapore's Market in the near future, was showcased to the media.

ORA, which stands for Open, Reliable and Alternative, is Great Wall Motor's youthful and appealing EV brand. The brand is committed to creating comfortable, stylish, emission-free and beautiful cars to make e-mobility easy and accessible.

ORA's parent company, Great Wall Motor, has more than 500 overseas networks
While it sounds ambitious, there's no doubt in ORA's ability to offer exactly what it sets out to do. ORA's parent company, Great Wall Motor, is one of the first Chinese auto enterprises to go global, and it has more than 500 overseas networks, covering regional markets such as the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Asia Pacific.

Additionally, Great Wall Motor has also established several research and development centres around the world in China, Germany, Japan and the United States, with a particular focus on electric vehicles and driving technologies.

Cycle & Carriage signed a distribution agreement with Great Wall Motor to bring ORA into Singapore
With the rapidly expanding EV market in Singapore, along with a slew of government initiatives to support and encourage the adoption of EVs, the current climate is excellent for the introduction of new EV options.

With this observation and ORA's strong portfolio, Cycle & Carriage is convinced that ORA is a compatible addition to its stable of brands and believes the brand will appeal to the active and young-at-heart consumers within the mass market segment.

Moreover, ORA's range of products also offers an attractive entry-point pricing for adopters to experience a high-tech EV lifestyle.

The ORA Good Cat sports a 'Retro Futuristic' design concept with some Porsche inspiration
Today, Cycle & Carriage Singapore signs a distribution agreement with Great Wall Motor Company Limited that will see both parties bringing the latter's exciting EV brand into Singapore this year.

Indeed, the first ORA product that is planned to reach Singapore's shores is exactly what the brand promised.

The ORA Good Cat is an affordable feature-packed compact EV that sports a stylish and attractive good look. Designed by former Porsche designer Emanuel Derta under the concept of 'Retro Futuristic', the ORA Good Cat is a truly unique EV.

This cheerful-looking EV is an excellent proposition for fun and sustainable motoring
While the Porsche-inspired design elements of the Good Cat is undeniable (there's a hint of the Porsche 356 in its front end), this isn't a simple work of mimicry.

The Good Cat features plenty of cheerful design elements, such as the 'winking-effect' light show that the head lights put up when you unlock the car, which sets it apart from everything else in the market.

Contrasting the grille-less futuristic cute design on the exterior of the Good Cat is a heavily retro-inspired interior that has been peppered with modern amenities such as the pair of oversized displays that serve as the infotainment system and the digital cluster.

The interior is an excellent mix of retro cues and modern features
The Good Cat isn't just a showpiece either. It is designed with both style and function in mind, featuring high tech features such as electric and memory seats, automatic parking capabilities and a 360 degree camera function.

It also has an impressive list of advanced safety features that includes intelligent evade, emergency lane keeping, and forward collision warning with braking assist.

At the moment, the exact specifications and pricing of the ORA Good Cat that Singapore will be getting has not been confirmed. However, it is understood that the car for our market is expected to pack the largest battery option and equipped with mid-level equipment to offer a great balance of cost and performance.

The ORA Good Cat will be eligible for Cat A COE to ensure an affordable price point, it is expected to reach our shores in June this year.

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