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The announced merger of Transit Link and EZ-Link will see card users accessing all transit ticketing services via a single interface in the future.

28 Mar 2023 | Local News : Singapore

Commuters here will soon be able to access all the available public transport ticketing and travel card-related services via one single app.

The change comes as part of a move announced by the LTA to merge its two wholly-owned subsidiaries, TransitLink and EZ-Link.

Commuters will be able to arrange for automatic top-ups or block their their cards, all via one single app in the future
This merger, targeted for the second half of 2024, will see both entities combining their ticketing and travel card-related services into one app, so the full range of ticketing and card-related services will be accessible through a single interface.

Commuters will additionally be able to get assistance on all ticketing and card matters through an integrated customer service.

Currently, users can top-up or buy ez-link cards from either EZ-Link and TransitLink. However, only EZ-Link offers card blocking and automatic top-up services.

TransitLink was set up in 1987 to process fare transactions and provide transit ticketing services such as top-ups. Subsequently, EZ-Link was established in 2002 to oversee the sale, distribution and management of EZ-Link cards when Singapore adopted contactless payment for public transport journeys.

While this merger is taking place, commuters will be able to approach either TransitLink and EZ-Link for their respective services. The LTA states that commuters will additionally be able to continue using their existing mobile applications and there will be no change to how commuters pay their fares.

The authority has additionally assured that there will be no job loss arising from this merger exercise, however, new roles may be created and there may be redeployment of staff to these roles. The LTA will reveal more details on the integration of services and the merger once its plans are finalised.

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