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Developed more than 10 years ago using nitro-based ingredients, MAZ Nitro is a proven fuel additive that promotes engine combustion efficiency.

15 Jul 2016

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In hopes of restoring his health, mankind goes through detoxification programmes, which help restore energy, rid the body of waste, improve breathing and strengthen the immune system. If any of these benefits sound relatable in the automotive sense, that's because we can 'detox' our cars also.

MAZ Nitro comes in easy-to-store and easy-to-pour 50ml and 70ml packets
Carbon particles build up in our cars' engines as a result of incomplete combustion. During combustion, the less air mixed with fuel, the more favourable the conditions for carbon build-up.

When fuel is burnt in the engine, some of it cannot be completely reacted with oxygen, leaving behind small particles of carbon.

Over time, these carbon particles will build up in the oil and engine. Engines that have incomplete combustion or malfunctioning injectors can cause additional build-up of these detrimental carbon particles.

On top of that, excessive engine idling can also increase the level of carbon build-up. It is a well-known fact that carbon build-ups rob the engine of performance, efficiency and increase fuel consumption.

Many oil companies and car manufacturers are aware of the problem of carbon particle accumulation and have been using Deposits Control Additives (DCA) treatment in fuel to remove or prevent carbon formation. However, such chemical cleaning substances often fall short of expectations. 

In more recent times, the rise of fuel additives have given car owners hope of more power, improved fuel economy and a cleaner engine. But as reviews, friends and neighbours have confirmed, not many work as promised.

While we aren't a hundred percent sure which ones don't, we do know of one that works.

MAZ Nitro - Cleaner and safer

The more effective way to remove and prevent carbon build-up is to enhance the ignition and combustion quality of the fuel by using MAZ Nitro, and not by using DCA packages.

MAZ Nitro was created more than 10 years ago by MAZ Energy Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Mazoil Technologies Ltd. The product is the world's first and only proprietary blend of nitroparaffins for fuel combustion.

Unlike other additives in the market, MAZ Nitro is formulated using organic nitro-based ingredients, which do not alter the physical and chemical properties of the fuel. Plus, its non-metallic nature also means that no harmful substances are left behind after the combustion process.
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MAZ Nitro GX 1

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Adding extra horsepower and get up to 59% fuel savings in gasoline. The World's FIRST & ONLY fuel performance additive that combines Nitroparaffins and PEA.

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