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The fully-featured yet affordable Transcend DrivePro 230 comes with all the bells and whistles of higher-end dashcams but at a fraction of the price.

01 Feb 2018

The sudden influx of dashcams is not dissimilar to the crossover conquest on our tiny island, and has created a diverse range of products for you to choose from. How do you know which camera is right for you?

Hit-and-run vehicles won't escape the DP230's full-HD and HD video recording capabilities
Ask yourself, are you a protective driver who doesn't like strangers leaving their paw prints all over your interior? Are you looking for a fully-featured in-car camera that won't break the bank?

If you answered yes to these questions, the Transcend DrivePro 230 is right up your alley.

Most premium dashcams require some form of concealed wiring, this means that you'll have to bring your car in to a workshop to get the camera installed.

However, the Transcend DrivePro 230, which can be plugged into a 12V socket or directly into your vehicle's fuse box through the DPK2 power cable, is easy to install on your own without the supervision of a mechanic. That doesn't mean it lacks all the bells and whistles, though.

Fully-featured yet affordable

Priced at $249, the DrivePro 230 comes with a Sony image sensor capable of capturing full-HD (1920 x 1080P at 30FPS) and HD (1280 x 720P at 30FPS) video while an F2.0, 130-degree wide lens ensures that hit-and-run vehicle doesn't get away with it.

Built-in Wide Dynamic Range technology allows for clear, sharp footage even in low-light situations by optimising the balance between the highlights and shadows.

Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning systems are just two of the DP230's many features
You're probably thinking that's not impressive. And you would be right, if not for a substantial list of driver assistance technologies, and then some.

The DP230 comes standard with Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, Driver Fatigue Alert, as well as a head light reminder.

The latter, gimmicky as it may sound, is especially useful for older cars without automatic head lights.

A sensor monitors the front of the vehicle and alerts the driver when it detects that there is an insufficient amount of light being emitted. We've personally tried it out and can attest to how surprisingly accurate it is.

Other features that come with the DrivePro 230 include a GPS receiver that logs GPS coordinates, a 2.4-inch colour LCD screen, a built-in microphone and speaker, support for Class 10 and above MLC-based microSD cards ranging from 8GB to 128GB capacities, as well as support for H.264 and MOV video formats.

Prepared for a series of unfortunate events

In the unfortunate event of an accident, the DrivePro 230's three-axis G-sensor monitors collision impact and triggers an emergency recording mode. This locks down the latest recording and prevents it from being overwritten in order to help you with insurance claims.

This feature can also be manually activated via the red button on the side of the unit. A built-in battery, snapshot function and integrated Wi-Fi capabilities come in handy for times when you have to capture post-collision photos.

Simply detach the DrivePro 230 and snap away, then transfer your footage and images to your phone via the DrivePro app, which is available on the Play Store and App Store.

For times when you have to leave your beloved ride behind, the DrivePro 230 turns into a night watchman. This dark knight features a motion detection function, as well as a time-lapse video recording function. It is worth noting that both features require the installation of a power bank or a hardwired power cable for constant power supply. This is to ensure the camera doesn't drain your car battery during operation.

To get more out of your dashcam, download the Transcend DrivePro Toolbox software on your computer. This allows for video playback, file sorting, screenshots, as well as plotting driving paths for dashcams that come with a GPS receiver. For more information on the Transcend DrivePro 230, head over to the Transcend website.

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Transcend DrivePro 230



Features a Sony image sensor to capture high-resolution videos with extremely fine tonal gradation even in low light.

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