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The latest KR Series of dashcam from Marbella features innovative design with a hidden control unit and compact camera modules.

25 Apr 2019

Some call it an in-car camera, others call it a dashcam, and all of them do the same thing - it records footages while you are driving, which serve as a reliable witness to any incident which may occur on the road. While their purpose is the same, not all dashcams are equal. They come in different shapes and sizes, some are able to capture sharper images than the others and some even comes with WiFi connectivity to make retrieving of footages a breeze.

Many might not know that Marbella is a local brand
Local company, localised support

While most of us have probably heard of Marbella or even used one of its excellent products, not many know that it is a local, home grown brand that has been in the automotive electronics business for more than a decade.

Being a local brand, users can benefit from the readily available after-sales support from its service facility without the hassle of going back and forth with an overseas manufacturer.

Marbella dash cameras are designed in Singapore and manufactured in Korea to the highest standards.

KR Series - lowest electrical consumption in the market

The Marbella DVR smartphone app allows you to retrieve recorded footages easily
The KR Series of dash camera has the lowest electrical consumption in the market, allowing it to run in parking mode for up to 48 hours without an external battery pack. Marbella dash cameras are equipped with a supercapacitor with thermal protection to ensure maximum lifespan. Furthermore, to protect the car's battery, power will automatically be cut off when the car's battery voltage dips too low.

The built-in WiFi connectivity allows easy retrieval of footage via the Marbella DVR smartphone app which also allows many other settings such as turning off parking mode and formatting the SD card through an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. By using a proprietary 'TAT writing format', damaged files caused by extended hours of recording are reduced, and there is also no need to format the SD card periodically unlike most other dashcams. Recordings by Marbella dash cameras are saved to three separate folders 'Drive', 'Event' and 'Park'. This allows users to locate an important recording within the SD Card easily.

With a camera that is 60% smaller than others, the KR6S is suitable to captures footages of the sides
KR6S - 60% smaller than others

The KR6S is Marbella's flagship dashcam, which comprises of a unique design whereby an external control unit that can be mounted away from sight and sunlight at a concealed location. This design will not only prolong the lifespan of both the dashcam and the vulnerable SD card, it also allows the camera module to be 60% smaller than conventional designs in the market.

The small form factor of the cameras allows a cleaner look and it also makes the KR6S suitable to be mounted to capture footages of the sides of the car. Both the front and rear camera records in Full-HD 1080P at 30 Frames-Per-Seconds (FPS), utilising the latest Sony Exmor R sensor to capture crystal clear footage. Additionally, the KR6S also features a removable mount for the camera module so that drivers can easily remove the camera should there be a need to, such as when entering a restricted area, or to prevent theft of the dashcam.

The KR8S is equipped with a wide dynamic range function which allow it to adapt to variations in lighting, capturing crystal-clear footages
KR8S – wide dynamic range, clearer footages

The latest dashcam design from Marbella incorporates the latest Sony Exmor R sensor to capture picture perfect footages in Full-HD 1080P at 30 FPS. This ensures that important moments are captured to serve as a reliable eyewitness when any incident arises.

The KR8S comes with a wide dynamic range function, improving overall exposure of the footage. This allows the camera to adjust the exposure of the recording, according to the lighting condition of the environment, resulting in a higher contrast ratio, producing outstandingly clear footage.

Like the KR6S, the KR8S also features a removable mount for camera so that the driver can easily remove the camera should there be a need. It also allows the camera to be transferred to another car easily if desired. The KR8S is simple to install, all you have to do is to mount the camera to the windscreen and connect it to a power source to keep it charged.

Marbella dash cameras are made and designed by Maka Technologies Group with its service centre and head office located at 2 Alexandra Road #07-01 Delta House, Singapore 159919. You can visit any of these resellers to purchase a Marbella Dash camera. For more information you can contact Maka at 6276 0889.
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Product Information

Marbella KR6S Front+Back FHD



Marbella KR6S - A 2CH Full HD + Full HD Black Box that is 50% smaller and 50% more affordable.

( 2 Reviews )
Marbella KR8S Front+Back FHD



2CH Full-HD WIFI Dashcam that is intelligent yet low power consumption. With it's ultra clear CMOS sensor, it offers ultra clear video and users can view.

( 3 Reviews )

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