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Lexus aims to change mindsets about texting and driving
08 Apr 2021
Lexus has released a new video that it hopes will change people's minds about texting and driving, as it is actually more dangerous than people believe.
What can cause a car accident and how to avoid getting into one
21 Oct 2020
Many causes of accidents are directly linked to the driver. Here are five examples of what you should do to minimise your risk while driving.
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Four types of car accidents in Singapore that car insurance might not cover
15 Oct 2020
Not sure what's going to happen if you get yourself into a tricky situation on the road? We look at the typical problematic accidents in Singapore and what they can entail for you and your car insuran...
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How to drive safely on the roads in Singapore
20 Jul 2020
Ever since Phase Two started, the roads have gotten busy again. Here's how you can drive safely and avoid being caught in a nasty road traffic accident.
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Honda introduces the Designated Texter to advocate driver safety
24 Apr 2017
Honda has released a video on the Designated Texter, a social media campaign aimed at reminding drivers about the importance of not texting while driving.
Annual Shell Traffic Games demonstrate the dangers of distracted road usage
31 Aug 2014
The 34th Shell Traffic Games Finals featured a different road usage experience this year - distraction of electronic devices while driving.
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