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LTA awards contracts for Hougang Interchange and Cross Island Line tunnels
26 Mar 2021
The LTA has awarded contracts for the design and construction of the Hougang Interchange and tunnels for phase one of the Cross Island Line.
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Alpine reveals its Formula One car
06 Mar 2021
The Alpine F1 Team has virtually launching its first ever entry into the FIA Formula One World Championship with the A521.
Additional petrol duty rebates for active taxi and PHC drivers to be disbursed
25 Feb 2021
Additional support will be provided to active taxi and private hire car drivers and individual motorcycle owners in light of the recent petrol duty hike.
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COVID-19 Vaccinations for Active Taxi and Private Hire Car Drivers starts today
23 Feb 2021
Starting today, active taxi and private hire car drivers will receive their COVID-19 vaccinations in order to protect frontline transport workers.
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LTA awards contract for the Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub
04 Feb 2021
The Land Transport Authority announces that it has awarded a contract to build the new Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub.
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Second civil contract to build Singapore-Johor RTS link announced
29 Jan 2021
A second civil contract to build a 25m-tall viaduct and the tunnels for the Singapore-Johor rapid transit link has been awarded.
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Pedestrianisation of Kampung Admiralty
21 Jan 2021
As announced previously, the LTA will be implementing more Walk Cycle Ride projects so as to support more sustainable travel patterns.
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Sharp rise in number of road potholes after heavy rain
15 Jan 2021
An increasing number of potholes have been reported on the road after the recent wet weather, posing a danger to local road users.
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New bus terminal for Bukit Panjang opens on 23 January
04 Jan 2021
A new bus terminal for Bukit Panjang will be opening on 23 January 2021, and it is built on the rooftop of the Gali Batu MRT Depot.
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LTA calls for bids to build 600 electric vehicle charging points in 200 carparks
30 Nov 2020
The 600 charging points will be installed at over 200 public carparks across Singapore, with their deployment to be complete by 2022.
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Launch of Land Transport Industry digital plan for chartered bus services
26 Nov 2020
To spearhead the chartered bus services' sector, LTA, ESG and IMDA have jointly developed the Land Transport Industry Digital Plan for Chartered Bus Services.
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Projected decrease in COE supply may result in higher COE prices
25 Nov 2020
Expect COE premiums to continue to climb, as year-end sales and promotions likely to drive new car demand, along with a projected quota decrease.
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ERP rates at gantries along the CTE to be reduced for the school holiday period
20 Nov 2020
The LTA will reduce ERP rates at gantries along the CTE from 23 November 2020 to 3 January 2021 for the school holidays.
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Increased rebates and surcharges under VES from 2021
12 Nov 2020
Starting from 2021, the Vehicular Emissions Scheme will be enhanced with increased rebates and higher surcharges to promote the adoption of cleaner vehicles.
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The 5 cars you hear long before seeing them
11 Nov 2020
Ever had your lunch interrupted by a loud noise coming from somewhere down the road? No, it isn't a plane, it's likely to be one of these five cars.
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