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Want to keep your car looking as new as ever? These accessories will ensure it remains in showroom condition so that you can sell your car for a higher price.

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Buying a new car means you've got a brand new baby to show off to the world, but in time, that new car shine fades away.

So, how do you keep your car looking as good as new? Here's a list of things you can invest in:
  1. Paint protection
  2. Solar film
  3. Leather cleaner and conditioner
  4. Mini vacuum
  5. Wet wipes
  6. Car cover
  7. Dash cam
1. Paint protection

Paint protection is a costly but valuable means of protecting your car
The shine of the car is everything. It sends the most prominent message to people whether it's brand new, or not. However, due to the weather and other air pollutants, your new car's shine will inevitably dull over time. 

To keep your new car looking shiny, invest in good paint protection. Options vary from paint protection film, wrap or ceramic coating, but they all protect and reduce the damage done to your car's paintwork.

Are you thinking of getting paint protection for your new car? Here are 9 paint protection specialists that Singaporeans can rely on.
2. Solar film

Good solar film protects your eyes, as well as the car's interior surfaces
Solar films are great not just for your eyes, but the interior of your new car as well. Without solar films, your new car's interior parts wear out faster due to high heat and direct sunlight.

Solar films not only filter out harsh sunlight, but it also keeps out some of the heat from the sun. This way, you won't have to put unnecessary strain on your air-conditioning system or your new car's electrical parts.
3. Leather cleaner & conditioner

Cleaning and conditioning leather surfaces properly help to retain the shine and prevent cracking
If you don't take proper care of your new car's leather seats and interior surfaces, they'll crease and crack easily over time. Use leather cleaners and conditioners at least once every three months, and you'll retain its natural glow.

After applying the leather cleaner and wiping it down, use a leather conditioner to keep the leather fresh, supple and protected from harmful UV rays.
4. Mini vacuum 

You can easily tuck away a mini vacuum in the glove box
Notice some small stones, crumbs and clumps of dust and lint piling up on your car mats or corners of your car? Plug the mini vacuum to your USB port to give your car a quick once over, before storing it away in your glove box.

Vacuuming your car removes more debris than shaking out the mat. If you're into immaculate cleanliness, consider investing in a mini vacuum and vacuuming your car weekly.
5. Wet wipes

Having wet wipes on hand allows you to quickly wipe down surfaces when necessary
Wet wipes are one of the 10 must-haves in every car. They're extraordinary lifesavers that do damage control for accidental spillages (amongst other things). Plus, you can wipe your hands after mealtimes, so your steering wheel remains grease-free.

Wet wipes allow you to get cleaning matters done anytime, anywhere.
6. Car cover

Covering up your car might take some effort, but it's guaranteed protection from bird droppings
For new car owners who'd go the extra mile to protect their car exterior from harsh sunlight, pelting rain and bird droppings, a car cover is perfect for you.

While it may be a hassle to take it on and off conscientiously, you can prevent water spots from ruining your new car's shine. The car cover shields it from contaminants found in rainwater, so you don't need to send your car for frequent polishing.
7. Dash cam

In the case of an accident, dash cam footage will facilitate your insurance or warranty claim
A car camera may not maintain the condition of your car, but it can capture incriminating evidence to support your insurance or warranty claims in the event of an unfortunate accident. Car cameras are essential for any car in Singapore!

New car prices are far from cheap. Paying a little more for additional car protection goes a long way, and it helps to preserve your car's value as much as possible.
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*This article was updated by Alexandra Cheung on 11/1/2021

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