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Is there a big difference in which petrol station you choose to go to here in Singapore? We find out if they're the same.

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There are many reasons why you would pick a particular petrol station to go to. From getting more performance from premium grade fuels, fuel-cleaning additives that aim to improve fuel efficiency, or simply, going to the petrol station that's closest to you.

But is there a major difference in the different brands of petrol in Singapore, regardless of RON or octane ratings? Does the quality of petrol differ across different brands of petrol in Singapore?

Be it Caltex, Shell, SPC, Sinopec, or Esso, we dig deeper to find out the differences.

Fuel quality is similar across all petrol stations

Aside from the different RON ratings, the quality of fuel across different petrol stations are similar
In Singapore, you are assured that the RON rating, and the quality of the fuel will be similar across all petrol stations.

RON rating is the most important factor to consider. All stations here will have a minimum of RON 95. Some stations such as Esso, Caltex and SPC also offer RON 92.

All cars have a minimum RON rating that is required. You can find this out in your owners manual, or sometimes, on your fuel door cap.

Although some might say that there are benefits over different RON ratings, it is always best to follow your recommended RON rating by your vehicle manufacturer.

The rule of thumb is that you can use a higher RON rating. But pumping fuel that has lower RON rating than recommended is not a good idea.

What are the additives in petrol?

Techron is one of the more well-known additives in fuel that is promoted by Caltex
While the fuel quality and RON rating is the similar across all stations, petrol companies can put a variety of additives to fuel, that further improve the operating abilities of the engine

One of the most well-known additional ingredients in fuel is Techron by Caltex. For years, many have sworn by Caltex thanks to Techron.

According to Caltex, the active ingredients in Techron fuel removes carbon buildup on valves, allowing the engine to run cleaner, boosting performance and fuel economy.

As such, it is common to hear drivers who go for a full tank of Caltex to enjoy the benefits of Techron from time to time.

Shell on the other hand, also claims its Dynaflex Technology can remove performance robbing deposits, along with friction-reducting properties, for better performance and efficiency.

But do fuel additives and fuel system cleaners actually work? Such benefits depend on many factors, such as vehicle type, road and engine conditions as well as driving styles.

Should I stick to one petrol station then?

One reason to stick to a particular petrol company is if you sign up for their loyalty cards, you'll enjoy discounts off fuel and other benefits
These additives may be beneficial to your engine, and some performance or gains in fuel mileage may be found. We suggest that you do try them, as all cars and driving styles are different.

While you should stick to the recommended RON rating for your vehicle, another reason why you should stick to a particular petrol station is the savings to be had.

The easiest way to save is to compare prices across all petrol companies in Singapore.

But when you pair certain credit cards and loyalty cards, you might be able to get more discounts off your fuel.

So far, the highest discount we've seen is by using the UOB One Card when you pump at SPC. You can get up to 24% of savings this way.

But it isn't the only card that offers discounts on fuel. You can see a comprehensive list of discounts for credit cards and petrol stations here.

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