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(launched 2024)

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GLB180 Progressive (A)
$265,888 spacer spacer
$24,100 /yr 14.5km/L 129 bhp 7G-DCT (A)
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Price updated 14-May-2024

Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class Mild Hybrid
3.5 stars - based on 2 reviews
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Mercedes-Benz GLB180 Progressive Facelift Review
Facelift (What's New)
Revised front and rear styling
Now with 48-volt mild hybrid technology
LED High Performance headlights
Second-generation MBUX infotainment
2 Consumer Reviews

Good car let down by design issue and service center `
I was drawn to the GLB look and collected my car in March. The driving experience (barring the noises which i will touch on later) and handling is great. The 3rd row seat is a good backup plan if you need to fetch more pax around once awhile but wouldn't recommend if you need to ferry 7 people around constantly. The engine is slightly underpowered for such a heavy car but not a big issue for me. There are, however, 2 main issues which significantly downgrades my overall driving experience. Keeping in mind this is a new car and the noises are already as such. Cant imagine what would happen after a few years if nothing was done. 1) Whooshing sound from front windscreen with speed above 60km/hr. The sound drives you crazy especially on expressway or NSE in Malaysia. Complained about the sound a few days after collection. Car was in C&C for a total of 1 week but issue unresolved. Been 2 months and still waiting for C&C to call me in to fix the issue. The level of service leaves much to be desired, especially when compared to BMW. 2) Clucking sound during gear change @ Speed of 30KM/H and below Apparently this is a design issue which C&C cant fix. The sound is very audible. You now have noise @ Below 30km/hr from this issue and whooshing sound from windscreen @ Above 60km/hr. I have to add that i am not someone who is sensitive to sound but these 2 sounds are enough to degrade my driving experience. My SA has been very nice apologising to me for these issues and helping me to followup with the service center but it seems like i am just waiting. This feels like a classic case where the company sells u a product but when something goes wrong, you are at their mercy. Not what I expect from a brand like Mercedes. As a driver, i am sure most of us prefers a car with quiet interior. The noises are such a distraction. There are many new FL GLBs having these issue so it is not a isolated case.
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Stylish Seven Seater `
Need to ferry seven but don't want something oversized or an MPV? This GLB is the car you're looking for.
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$0 down payment, 100% ownership freedom.
  • Flexible 3 to 36 months
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