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With a full suite of activities for visitors, the 36th Thailand International Motor Expo is expected to attract a total of 1.6 million visitors.

09 Nov 2019 | International News : Thailand

Preparations for the Thailand International Motor Expo this year, organised under the concept 'Ride and Drive Together Now', have been completed. A total of 33 car manufacturers from nine countries and 26 motorcycle manufacturers from eight countries will participate to launch many new car models at the expo.

Visitors that purchase a car at the expo will also stand a chance to win a MINI Cooper S Countryman
A wide variety of brands will be represented at the expo, as well as performance and tuning houses including BMW M Performance, Carlsson, Moke, M'z Speed and Swift.

Visitors at the expo will also stand a chance to win a MINI Cooper S Countryman if they purchase a car, while those that simply purchase an entry ticket will also stand to win movie tickets. Anyone that purchases a new motorcycle at the expo will also stand a chance to win a Honda CB1000R motorcycle.

Other interesting events lined up at the event include a road safety awareness course intended for young children, while an off-road training school has also set up a reception space to welcome fellow off-roading enthusiasts at the expo. 

Mr. Kwanchai Paphatphong, Organizing Chairman of the 36th Thailand International Motor Expo, expects vehicle bookings at the expo to reach 50,000 cars and 9,000 motorcycles. He also foresees the 1.6 million anticipated visitors will generate over $2.5 billion of purchases at the expo, helping to boost the growth of vehicle sales in Thailand by 5% over last year.

More information on the Thailand International Motor Expo can be found here.

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