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Transport group SMRT has announced that its first electric taxis, comprising of MG5s, will reach Singapore by August 2021.

09 Aug 2021 | Local News : Singapore

The next SMRT taxi you take could soon be all electric, and it could be a car that you'll be keeping your eyes out for.

That's because the third-largest taxi fleet operator here in Singapore has just placed an order for 300 MG5 station wagons. The move will kickstart the group's ambitions to turn its fleet into fully-electric vehicles by 2026, which it announced only earlier this year.

The MG5 could soon be plying our roads as part of SMRT's new all-electric taxi fleet
But here's why you'll want to flag one of these down: According to The Straits Times, SMRT will not only peg the rental for its electric cars lower to encourage drivers to take up the greener cabs, but the fares to ride one are also likely to be slightly lower than the rates for the Toyota hybrids!

And for those fearing they might get left stranded after hailing a cab that is out of charge, fret not. The MG5 has a Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure combined cycle range of 344km, and being a station wagon, offers a boot volume of 578 litres to the roof, which should prove handy for those trips back from the airport.

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