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Pioneer launches its new Z-Series multimedia receivers, headlined by the new and highly advanced AVH-Z9250BT.

27 Aug 2019

Let's be honest, how many of us can get by every day without our smartphones? From replying Whatsapp conversations, checking emails, playing games, paying up for last night's dinner via PayNow, listening to music, or watching TV shows, we can do everything on our smartphones these days.

And yet, when we get into our cars, that connection to the rest of our digital lives can quickly evaporate. Yes, new cars these days often now come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, but not all of us can afford a brand new car.

The AVH-Z9250BT is the new flagship model of Pioneer's Z-Series range of multimedia receivers
How about the rest of us driving cars without these technologies? Are we relegated to having to buy one of those complicated third-party connectors, or have to rely on a flimsy device to clip our phones onto the windscreen?

Pioneer's new Z-Series range of multimedia receivers, headlined by the new AVH-Z9250BT, seeks to bring this seamless connectivity into the hands of every driver. 

Numerous connectivity choices

Extensive connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, Dual USB slots and a SD Card Slot
The new AVH-Z9250BT is the brand's new flagship model, and comes with an extensive range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, Dual USB slots (allowing you to connect and charge two phones at once) as well as a SD Card Slot.

The AVH-Z9250BT supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and WebLink. Unique to this model is its support for wireless Apple CarPlay, freeing you up from having to carry your iPhone cable everywhere you go. Additionally, the AVH-Z9250BT allows you to pair up to 20 devices (compared to just 5 on the other receivers), which means that you will likely never have to re-pair you smartphone ever again, no matter how many of your friends decide that they want to try their hand at being a car DJ. 

Pioneer's WebLink gives you access to a host of apps
Of course, these connectivity options give you access to all manner of functionality on your phone. These include seamless access to music via Spotify, on-demand navigation and traffic information via Waze, as well as access to your audio and video files, make phone calls and send messages.

The AVH-Z9250BT also features the Wireless Mirroring function (only available for select Android phones). This allows you to seamlessly mirror whatever is happening on your smartphone, whether it’s letting your passenger watch Netflix or even play mobile games.

Extensive features at your fingertips

The AVH-Z9250BT features a 7.0-inch capacitive touchscreen that delivers vivid colours and sharp graphics
The extensive features of the AVH-Z9250BT are accessed via a 7.0-inch capacitive touchscreen, with 24-bit true colour technology to deliver vivid colours. Compared to its predecessor's resistive screen, the AVH-Z9250BT's capacitive touchscreen looks even brighter and sharper, feels much more sensitive, supports multi-touch, and is easier to operate with a new Graphical User Interface. This provides you with a much more premium experience while remaining easy to use.

All of these features are supported by a reimagined user interface that features customisable elements and bigger icons, allowing you to intuitively interact with the receiver and organise it in a manner that best suits your needs. This allows you to configure the system for quick access to functions that you use the most.

Unique to this model is its support for wireless Apple CarPlay
The AVH-Z9250BT is also created with the same professionally tuned, audiophile-grade premium components, including specialised audio components such as DSP and high-tolerance acoustic capacitors, as well as audio calibration tools and software enhancements used in all of its flagship receivers. This delivers premium in-car audio experience that will delight both you and your passengers.

The Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT is now available at Pioneer's authorised dealers. To learn more, you can visit the Pioneer Car Entertainment Facebook page here. You can also find your nearest store here.
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With built-in Wi-Fi, you can use Apple CarPlay wireless and Android Auto Wireless without connection cable, for greater freedom from clutter and complication.

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