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Comparison - Mazda CX-8 Super Luxury 2.5 (A) and Skoda Kodiaq Laurin & Klement 2.0 (A)
30 Nov 2022
The Mazda CX-8 offers convincing space and refinement for the chauffeur-driven, while the Skoda Kodiaq impresses with its versatility and sprightly performance.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Desmond Chan | 6,290 views | Mazda Reviews
Facelift - Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TSI Laurin & Klement 7-Seater (A)
25 Nov 2022
The facelifted Skoda Kodiaq L&K has a sharper-looking exterior, better standard amenities and more importantly, improved performance over its predecessor.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Desmond Chan | 2,828 views | SKODA Reviews
First Drive - BMW X7 xDrive40i (A)
02 Nov 2022
The facelifted X7 brings design, interior and drivetrain enhancements that add further refinement to an already stellar seven-seater luxury SUV package.
Desmond Chan in Palm Springs, U.S.A | 5,239 views | BMW Reviews
Easy to drive compact crossovers for newbie drivers (Part 2)
26 Oct 2022
Are you still seeking a compact crossover to be your first car? Here are another seven stylish, safe, and driver-friendly models that we think you should go and test drive!
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 4,859 views | Car Buying Advice
Video Review - Skoda Kodiaq RS 2.0 TSI 7-Seater (A)
13 Oct 2022
Mean looks, seven-seat practicality, and a mighty turn of pace are all yours in the Skoda Kodiaq RS.
Clarence Seow | 4,497 views | SKODA Reviews
Cupra launches Authenticity Pack for the Seat Leon Cupra K1
07 Oct 2022
Owners of the special edition Seat Leon Cupra K1 will be offered the Authenticity Pack, which includes a numbered badge bespoke to their car.
Car Review - Mercedes-Benz EQB Electric EQB350 4MATIC AMG Line 66.5 kWh 7-Seater (A)
06 Oct 2022
The Mercedes-Benz EQB350 combines an adaptable interior with an appealing outer body, now powered with a strong all-electric drivetrain.
Clarence Seow, photos by Low Fai Ming | 5,260 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews
BAC launches single-seater, track-oriented Mono R here in Singapore
28 Sep 2022
The 340bhp, 555kg BAC Mono R can now be purchased here in Singapore, but you'll need to deliver it to a circuit in order to drive it.
Local News | 2,239 views | Other News
Volvo's car seats have received exclusive endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association
17 Sep 2022
Volvo is now the first car manufacturer to have received an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association.
Video Review - Seat Ibiza 1.5 TSI DSG FR Plus (A)
16 Sep 2022
With its unique design and dynamic setup, the Seat Ibiza FR is a car that makes you feel special, even though its platform is shared with other cars.
Clarence Seow | 4,125 views | SEAT Reviews
Car Review - Opel Zafira-e Life Electric 50kWh (A)
12 Sep 2022
The Zafira-e Life is an all-electric seven-seater MPV that's big on space and comfort, but it could definitely do with improved range.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 6,131 views | Opel Reviews
Video Review - SEAT Leon Sportstourer Mild Hybrid 1.5 TSI DSG FR (A)
09 Sep 2022
It may not be as imposing as an SUV, but this Seat Leon SP will still deliver on practicality with its spacious boot and quiet cabin.
Clarence Seow | 4,304 views | SEAT Reviews
Here are some used crossovers that you can better afford to buy today
05 Sep 2022
Although rising COE prices are making buyers' knees weak and armpits sweaty, there are options you can consider on our used car section. We touch on crossovers.
Julian Kho, Photos by Editorial Team, Toyota | 11,135 views | Features
The Mercedes-Benz EQB arrives in Singapore, and you can now book your own online
31 Aug 2022
Mercedes-Benz has launched the EQB here in Singapore, making it the first luxury, all-electric seven-seater to reach our shores.
Even P-plate drivers can park these short 6/7-seaters on the market today
31 Aug 2022
Proof that you don't need to pilot a barge to tow the family along, these cars, both brand new and used, pack more than five seats in less than 4.4 metres.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Design Team, Editorial Team, Manufacturers, Wikimedia Commons | 10,257 views | Features