What other rewards can you redeem with your petrol points?
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What other rewards can you redeem with your petrol points?
Besides rice cookers and hair dryers, what other rewards can you redeem with the petrol points you've accumulated over the years?
Text | Anthony Lim    Date | 24th May 2018
Are you racking up tonnes of petrol reward points with no idea of what to do with them? Fret not, you're not alone. Many drivers accumulate points over the years without ever bothering to redeem anything, probably due to the fact that there are only so many rice cookers and hair dryers you can stock up on.
But did you know that there are a myriad of options available to you when it comes to reward points? Some are practical while others, not so much. No matter, check out the table below to see what rewards you can redeem with your stash of points at our local petrol stations.
The Caltex Plus! Programme is a partnership between Caltex and NTUC. You get three NTUC LinkPoints for every litre of fuel purchased at Caltex. Earn one Smiles Point for every litre of Synergy fuel you purchase at Esso. For every litre of fuel you purchase, you'll receive one Shell Escape point in return. You get 1.2 Shell Escape points for every litre of Shell V-Power Nitro+ you pump. spacer
675 LinkPoints
-$5 Wheat voucher
-$5 Tip Top Curry Puff voucher
1,050 LinkPoints
-Caltex car wash service
1,275 LinkPoints
-$10 Anderson's of Denmark dining voucher
1,425 LinkPoints
-$10 Polar Puffs and Cakes dining voucher
-$10 Dome Cafe dining voucher
1,500 LinkPoints
-30-day pass for StarHub Go Sports
-30-day pass for StarHub Go Select
-$10 CarClub driving credit e-voucher
-$10.70 CarClub monthly membership e-voucher
-$10 Courts voucher
-$10 Zalora gift card
-$10 Children's Cancer Foundation cash donation
1,935 LinkPoints
-30-day pass for StarHub Go Movies
2,475 LinkPoints
-$20 JP Pepperdine Group dining voucher
2,625 LinkPoints
-$20 Swensen's dining voucher
2,715 LinkPoints
-$20 Metro shopper's cheque
2,775 LinkPoints
-$20 Skechers voucher
-$20 Tambuah Mas dining voucher
-$20 Delifrance dining voucher
2,925 LinkPoints
-$20 Courts voucher
3,000 LinkPoints
-$20 Zalora e-gift card
-Lim & Tan Securities online trades
3,960 LinkPoints
-$30 Baba Chews & Eatery e-voucher
-$30 Mookata (Katong, Bugis Junction) e-voucher
-$30 LingZhi (Velocity @ Novena Square, Liat Towers) e-voucher
-$30 Violet Oon (Bukit Timah) e-voucher
-$30 K-Tower e-voucher
-$30 Tunglok Seafood (Orchard Central, Arena Country Club)
-$30 8 Korean BBQ (Shaw Centre) e-voucher
-$30 Lokkee e-voucher
-$30 Tunglok Signatures e-voucher
-$30 MOF My Izakaya e-voucher
-$30 LENAS Lenas e-voucher
-$30 La Nonna e-voucher
-$30 Habitat Coffee e-voucher
-$30 Grub e-voucher
-$30 Fika e-voucher
-$30 Chope gift card e-voucher
-$30 Atlas Coffeehouse e-voucher
-$30 Tunglok XiHe Peking Duck (Orchard Central, The Grandstand) e-voucher
-$30 Dancing Crab e-voucher
-$30 Jaime's Italian e-voucher
-$30 Uncle Leong Seafood (Punggol, Waterway Point) e-voucher
-$30 Wild Honey (Scotts Square) e-voucher
7,200 LinkPoints
-$50 BEST Denki voucher
8,000 LinkPoints
-$110.70 CarClub joining fee e-voucher
You can also bid for attractive rewards via the Plus! Online auction. Past auction rewards include a $1,500 Caltex stored value card, $1,000 worth of Courts vouchers and even a Royal Caribbean international cruise package.
250 Smiles Points
-$5 Spinelli Coffee voucher
-$5 Udders voucher
360 Smiles Points
-$10 Andersen's of Denmark ice cream voucher
-$10 The Soup Spoon voucher
-$10 Tim Ho Wan dining voucher
650 Smiles Points
-$20 Al-Futtaim (Robinsons, M&S, RSH, Lacoste, Zara, MassimoDutti, Ted Baker and more) voucher
-$20 JP Pepperdine Group (Jack's Place, Eatzi Gourmet Bistro, Restaurant Hoshigaoka,Jumping Jack) voucher
660 Smiles Points
-$20 Courts gift voucher
700 Smiles Points
-$20 IKEA voucher
-$20 Kiddy Palace voucher
-$20 Pet Lovers Centre voucher
-$20 Popular voucher
-$20 Watsons voucher
-$20 Marche Movenpick voucher
-$20 Seoul Garden/Seoul Garden HotPot voucher
-$20 Swensen's voucher
-$20 TungLok Group dining voucher
750 Smiles Points
-$20 PastaMania voucher
800 Smiles Points
-$20 AsiaMalls (Century Square, Hougang Mall, Liang Court, Tampines 1, Tiong Bahru Plaza, White Sands) voucher
-$20 NEX voucher
-$20 Orchard Gateway voucher
1,200 Smiles Points
-Esso LPG household cylinder (12.7kg/11.3kg)
1,350 Smiles Points
-Philips kettle HD4646
1,500 Smiles Points
-1MORE piston in-ear headphone single driver c/w pouch + silicon earbuds Charcoal Grey
1,600 Smiles Points
-$50 BEST Denki voucher
1,700 Smiles Points
-EuropAce induction cooker EIC212D
1,750 Smiles Points
-Xiao Mi 20,000mAh power bank dual USB ports with fast charging support (White)
1,900 Smiles Points
-Philips steam iron GC2995
2,050 Smiles Points
-Mobil 1 5W50 (4L)
2,150 Smiles Points
-Mobil 1 5W30 (4L)
2,200 Smiles Points
-Xiao Mi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker 10-hour playback 155x62x25mm Blue/Gold/Pink (cable not included)
2,250 Smiles Points
-Mobil 1 0W40 (4L)
2,300 Smiles Points
-Philips rice cooker HD3027
2,400 Smiles Points
-Philips handheld vacuum FC6142
2,600 Smiles Points
-Philips single dect phone D2301B/90
2,800 Smiles Points
-Philips hair dryer HP8233
-Antler Hino 55cm eight-wheel cabin case with TSA lock and security zipper - 3.2kg
3,000 Smiles Points
-EuropAce stand fan ESF401C
-Mobil 1 0W40 (4L) and $30 servicing voucher
3,200 Smiles Points
-Antler Hino 67cm eight-wheel medium case with TSA lock and Security zipper - 4kg
3,500 Smiles Points
-Antler Hino 76cm eight-wheel large case with TSA lock and security zipper - 4.8kg
3,600 Smiles Points
-Samsung microwave oven 20L ME731K
If you don't see something you fancy in this list, you can always opt to convert your Smiles Points to KrisFlyer miles, Asia Miles or Citi Dollars. Check out the Esso Smiles Driver Rewards page for more information.
150 Shell Escape points
-Shell car wash instant redemption
275 Shell Escape points
-$5 Shell Select redemption
300 Shell Escape points
-200 Krisflyer Miles
-$10 Capital Marketing instant redemption
-$10 Polar instant cash redemption
-$10 Heap Seng instant redemption
-$10 Shell fuel redemption
450 Shell Escape points
-$10 NEX voucher
500 Shell Escape points
-Philips rechargeable shaver (+$25)
-Happy Call 28cm wok (+$38)
-KDK A40AS table fan (+$40)
-Polar M200 GPS running watch with heart rate monitor (+$143)
600 Shell Escape points
-$20 off Shell Helix servicing package
850 Shell Escape points
-$20 Tangs gift card
1,000 Shell Escape points
-Polar M600 GPS sport smartwatch (+$330)
-KDK P30KH stand fan with remote (+$55)
-Panasonic two-in-one cordless vacuum cleaner (+$125)
1,100 Shell Escape points
-$40 Shell fuel redemption
1,800 Shell Escape points
-Ferrari umbrella
Unfortunately, SPC does not believe in a point-based redemption system. It does, however, focus on providing value to and rewarding its customers with instant discounts and promotions such as e-coupon rewards, as well as members-only events and treats as part of the SPC&U programme. E-coupons are stored in your SPC&U account and can be used at SPC stations.
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All rates and promotions are correct at the time of writing. So if something on this list catches your fancy, be sure to grab it while it's hot!