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There's a digital livery for the Acura NSX Type S available for download as part of the preview for the new Motul 300V in the U.S.A!

24 Sep 2021 | International News : U.S.A

Motul, French oil company founded in 1853, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its flagship 300V racing oil at the 2021 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach California, U.S.A.

To go along with the U.S.A preview of the new 300V, Motul collaborated with Acura on a digital livery for the all new Acura NSX Type S. The Motul heritage inspired red and white graphics pull inspiration from historic Motul race cars, while a set of brushed gold HRE Vintage FMR 527M 2-piece wheels lend motorsports styling to this limited-run supercar. These exclusive renders are available as digital downloads on the Motul Drum here.

The new 300V range is marked by a 50% improvement in shear stability, a high detergent level, and maximal polar adherence for reduced engine wear and improved performance. The new 300V also comes in an expanded range of oil weights for increased compatibility, which you can find out about here.

Motul has also improved the ecological impact of the new 300V formulas, integrating synthetic organic base stocks into the new formulas. These base stocks are comprised of non-fossil renewable materials, decreasing Motul's carbon footprint while upholding its commitment to performance.

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