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The Citroen My Ami Buggy takes its inspiration from the My Ami Buggy concept, sporting yellow accents and a Khaki exterior finish for an adventure-ready look.

16 Jun 2022 | International News : France

Citroen has revealed a limited edition Ami, just ahead of the arrival of summer in Europe. The electric city car takes its inspiration from the Ami My Buggy Concept which Citroen revealed in December 2021.

Only 50 units of the limited edition My Ami Buggy will be available for purchase from 21 June 2022, all sporting a numbered plate on the right-hand side of the dashboard.

The My Ami Buggy gets perforated 14-inch gold wheels, and metal tubes instead of doors
As with the concept, the exterior of the My Ami Buggy is finished in Khaki. The Citroen My Ami Buggy also retains the redesigned black bumpers of the concept, as well as redesigned wheel arches and a rear spoiler, although the head light grille protectors and bull bar from the concept are absent in this road-legal My Ami Buggy.

The concept car's bright yellow interior has also been largely scaled down to the recesses on the front dashboard, and complimented by tiny yellow directional arrows glued to the wheel arches.

The Citroen My Ami Buggy also retains the gold wheels as on the concept, although the perforated 14-inch items here don't wear tyres anywhere as wide or off-road oriented as those that appeared on the concept.

What you do get however, are doors that are made out of metal tubes, which work alongside a soft grey top for that wind in your hair driving experience.

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