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Callaway's supercharger packages help to turn GM's SUVs and trucks into monsters pushing up to 594bhp with a freer flowing exhaust.

08 Aug 2022 | International News : U.S.A

Callaway has brought its famous supercharged vehicle line to include the latest 2021-22 SUVs and trucks produced by General Motors. These supercharged SUVs and trucks will harness the tried and true Callaway TripleCooled Supercharger technology, controlled by proprietary engine management system calibration. This helps to deliver consistent power in the most demanding environments while maintaining stock levels of fuel economy.

To free up even more character from the V8 engines, quad-tip stainless-steel exhaust system help to deliver a bold acoustic signature without cabin resonance. This is done while maintaining OEM-level drivability, reliability and emissions compliance.

Units are ordered by Callaway Authorised GM Dealers and drop-shipped to Callaway facilities in Connecticut and California for conversion. Delivery can then be taken at Callaway's build facilities.

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