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With the latest multimedia offerings and the ability to control them from your phone, the new Pioneer DEH-S5050BT packs big features inside a compact package.

21 Dec 2017

Many years back, life was much simpler - you get into your car, switch on the ignition, and your audio receiver switches on to your go-to radio channel. Flick the transmission into D and you can just head out, with the cursory Michelle Branch or Backstreet Boys playing on the radio.

The DEH-S5050BT is Pioneer's latest 1-DIN compact car audio receiver offering
These days, your car's audio receiver is more than just a device with which you listen to the radio. With modern audio receivers, even with a compact 1-DIN unit, there are so many more functions at your fingertips that give you a much more diverse musical experience while driving.

The new Pioneer DEH-S5050BT is the latest top-of-the-line CD receiver that leads Pioneer's 2018 range of audio receivers, and provides you with big features in a compact package.  

Compact size, XL features

The new DEH-S5050BT is a compact 1-DIN CD receiver that will easily fit most models. However, just because it is compact in size does not mean that it compromises on features. In fact, it is jam packed with innovative features to offer superior mobile entertainment while still offering great value.

With Bluetooth connectivity, the DEH-S5050BT offers hands-free calling and audio streaming capability. Additionally, it also offers comprehensive music file support for most of the popular file formats today, including high-quality FLAC lossless digital audio files. This means that you can listen to your specially curated playlist whilst on the go. It is also compatible with Spotify, allowing you to control the Spotify app on your phone using the receiver's interface.

The DEH-S5050BT also features Pioneer's Advnaced Sound Retriever technology, which improves the sound quality of compressed music files. This is done by enhancing high frequencies that tend to get lost in the compression process.

Spotify compatibility lets you have access to all of your music on the go
And if you want to further tune your aural preferences, the media receiver also has a 13-band Graphic Equaliser that allows you to fine-tune acoustic details with greater precision.

Also, you can enjoy punchier bass notes and more engaging sounds with the Dynamic Bass Enhancer. This can be engaged with just a push of a button on the receiver, and has two adjustable levels of enhancement that you can toggle through to suit different musical genres.

And if you are the sort that loves singing karaoke, the DEH-S5050BT allows you to do your very own Carpool Karaoke!

The audio receiver can be easily transformed into a mobile karaoke machine, by pressing and holding the Search key, connecting a microphone, selecting a song and increasing the mic volume using the receiver's menu. Both inputs will then be automatically mixed, allowing you to do your best Whitney Houston or Celine Dion impression.

Control at your fingertips

Yes, some of the more expensive multimedia receivers come with a touchscreen with which you can control the functions.

The ARC app allows you to control the receiver's fucntions using you smartphone
However, with direct control for iPhone and certain Android models, this means that you can control the DEH-S5050BT's functions from your phone. Effectively, this gives you a comparable experience of using your phone as a touchscreen to control the functions on the receiver.

The Pioneer Advanced Remote Control (ARC) app allows users to access various multimedia sources (radio, third-party music, navigation apps and even YouTube) via a centralised user interface. The app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

With the ARC Bluetooth Hub, you now have simplified Bluetooth device management. The application provides convenient toggles for different Bluetooth connection as well as the option to select different phones for music library accessibility.  

Also, you can now pair up to 10 different devices, and switch between them seamlessly. This eliminates the need for constant deleting and paring due to slot limitations. And because the Bluetooth version has been updated, the initial loading time of the phone book has been significantly reduced to about 100 contacts per second. There is also now more information at your fingertips. An upgraded 255-segment screen now displays time and details of the currently playing source, providing all the information you need at a glance.

The Pioneer DEH-S5050BT Audio Receiver is retailing at $319 (including GST) and it comes with a one-year warranty. It is available at all Pioneer authorised retailers.
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