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What they don't tell you: Your pop and bang map isn't anti-lag and it isn't doing anything for your car's performance
06 Jan 2023
Pop and bang, or crackle tune - call it what you like, but it doesn't add to the performance of your car. Oh, and it doesn't sound good to most people either.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Teck Guan, Toyota Gazoo Racing | 12,404 views | Car Technical Advice
Car engine decarbonisation 101 - Why? How? Where?
05 Jan 2023
Decarbonising your car engine is essential for car maintenance, especially if you want your car to be in its best working condition.
Text by James Chan, Photos by Motor Directory | 4,739 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Milltek releases Signature Series exhaust system for the Porsche 911
27 Dec 2022
Milltek Sport has introduced the new handmade Signature Series exhaust system for the Porsche 911, offering extra performance and a reduction in weight.
What they don't tell you: A loud exhaust doesn't always make more power
08 Nov 2022
Contrary to what you might believe, a louder exhaust isn't always better for performance and it certainly doesn't make it a superior option.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Reddit | 10,709 views | Car Technical Advice
Milltek releases exhaust system for the new BMW M240i
25 Aug 2022
Milltek Sport has expanded their exhaust offerings for the new BMW M240i, providing performance enhacements over the factory system.
The Land Rover Defender gets new performance exhaust options from Milltek
04 Aug 2022
Milltek Sport offers particulate stainless steel exhaust options that offer improvements to driving dynamics, appearance and performance for the new Defender.
Recommended Repair and Servicing workshops in the East
22 Jul 2022
Some people say you can find the best food in the East of Singapore. But, did you know that's where you can find the most number of reputable repair and servicing workshops too?
Text by James Chan, Photos by Motor Directory | 5,809 views | Car Ownership Advice
The six types of car enthusiasts you'll see at any car meet or car event in Singapore
25 Jan 2022
These are the types of people you'll find at a local car meet in Singapore - any similarities with actual people are intended... uh, unintended.
Editorial Team | 41,377 views | Features
Bestchem appointed as Petronas Lubricants distributor in Singapore
14 Dec 2021
Petronas Lubricants has appointed Bestchem as its official local distributor for its line of lubricants and diesel exhaust fluid in Singapore.
Local News | 2,435 views | Other News
Are Singapore's car exhaust modification regulations in urgent need of a revamp?
12 May 2021
Enforcement has been stringent and the heavy penalties for illegal exhaust modifications have just been doubled. But is that really the way to quieter roads?
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Straits Times, Teck Guan | 32,922 views | Features
Recommended workshops to improve your car handling and safety
14 Apr 2021
Upgrading your coilovers, brakes and strut bars might cost a fair sum of money but they are worth it at the end of the day. Here are our recommended workshops to visit.
Text by James Chan, Photos by Motor Directory | 20,349 views | Car Ownership Advice
NEA to lower vehicle noise limits
07 Apr 2021
The NEA will lower vehicle noise limits from April 2023, in line with United Nations noise standards for vehicles and aftermarket exhaust systems.
Local News | 3,547 views | Other News
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Volkswagen updates its 2.0-litre diesel engine
31 Dec 2020
The EA288 is one of Volkswagen's most important engines as it is used in many cars made by Volkswagen, and with Euro 6d, it is now cleaner and more efficient.
Look out for increased VES subsidies from next year
15 Dec 2020
Are you currently shopping for a new car? VES rates are about to change! Keep track of what rebates and surcharges are going to be apply here!
Clarence Seow, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 10,470 views | Features
The 5 cars you hear long before seeing them
11 Nov 2020
Ever had your lunch interrupted by a loud noise coming from somewhere down the road? No, it isn't a plane, it's likely to be one of these five cars.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Netcarshow, Newslink | 15,847 views | Features