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Using Volkswagen's Park Assist with remote control allows the Touareg to be manoeuvred into any parking space, all with an app on your smartphone.

25 Nov 2020 | International News : Germany

The Volkswagen Touareg now drives into and out of parking spaces, just by controlling it with a smartphone, made possible with the new Park Assist with remote control assist system. Here's a typical situation, a multi-storey car park at the airport, for example.

You're rushing for your flight, and all the airport has are narrow parking spaces, just the thing anyone would love to face when they're in a rush. That means stopping the car out of the lot, unloading the luggage, then getting back into the car to park it, then squeezing yourself out of the car.

Touareg owners are able to remotely start the engine on their cars with the Park Assist app
Park Assist permits semi-automatic parking in parking spaces, and the car can also drive itself semi-automatically out of parallel parking spaces again. The Touareg will take over the steering, while the driver presses the accelerator and brake pedals.

Now, Volkswagen is now going a decisive step further, because the new Park Assist with remote control now works fully automatically for the first time - in other words, it also controls the engine and the brake.

The new system offers two operating modes. In the first mode, the driver remains seated in the vehicle and operates the Park Assist. In the second mode, the driver gets out of the Touareg and controls the parking manoeuvre using their smartphone. In both cases, the SUV independently drives into or out of the parking space in forward or reverse direction. What is more, it does this in all types of parking spaces.

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