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Lexus has unveiled the Gamers' IS, an IS 350 F Sport that was modified according to a poll of gamers who were asked through Twitch.

21 Feb 2021 | International News : U.S.A.

Gamers, start your engines. Lexus unveiled the Gamers' IS, the first vehicle designed by and for the Twitch community as the ultimate gaming space. In a livestream hosted by popular streamer Fuslie in January 2021, more than 554,000 unique viewers watched and weighed in on their favourite features.

They voted on modifications ranging from the gaming-themed exterior wrap, to the custom controller and their 'game fuel' beverage of choice. Lexus then worked with the fabrication experts at SCPS to bring the custom, crowdsourced car to life as a totally immersive gaming vehicle.

The ceiling of the Gamers' IS has a clear layer of acrylic with backlit resin 'raindrops' to give the effect of driving through the rain
The exterior of the Gamers' IS, a modified Lexus IS 350 F Sport, is adorned with the 'Infiltrate' design custom vinyl wrap, as chosen by 48% of voters in the Twitch poll. This look exudes a technical, interface-driven, HUD-centric design territory reminiscent of first-person gaming, black ops and reconnaissance.

For the interior, 55% of Twitch voters selected the 'Neon Tokyo' style featuring an electrified, neuron-exploding Japanese pop art aesthetic. The ceiling of the cab is decked out with a clear layer of acrylic embedded with resin 'raindrops' all backlit with programmable RGB LED lights, giving off the effect of driving under the lights of downtown Tokyo at night in a light rain.

Behind the rear seats, LED panels project programmable content onto the rear window, creating an animated backdrop. SCPS included many custom upholstery elements into the design of the Gamers' IS interior. Smart Tint on the windows dims the cabin for gameplay.

A custom-built gaming PC is installed in the Lexus' boot. It has sleek custom housing, all highlighted by programmable RGB LED's. A fog machine and automated RGB lasers were installed for maximum reveal effect.

From planning the upgrades to be fitted to the Gamers' IS to actually constructing it, it took SCPS five months to finish the project
On the passenger's side is a fully integrated gaming system complete with haptic feedback in the seat and a high-definition, fully positional curved monitor. The curved monitor was chosen over a flat one by 64% of Twitch voters. The system features a retractable keyboard and mouse platform, and a one-of-a-kind 3D printed game controller.

42% of voters chose the 'Cyber' design for the controller, featuring a metallic space gray and dark teal with neon accents. Filling the six-drink center console cooler is the community's 'game fuel' of choice - coffee drinks - as selected by nearly 61% of voters. The entire vehicle is custom wired, including all the electronics and programmable lighting. From designing the initial concepts to the reveal, the entire build took five months.

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