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Peugeot's new Lifestyle collection is desirable and trendy, yet features improvements that enhance day-to-day liveability.

12 Jun 2021 | International News : France

Peugeot is launching a new range of clothing for fans of the brand, along with stylish accessories they can use on a daily basis. The designers of the Peugeot Design Lab studio have infused a modern, high-quality design into each piece of the Lifestyle collection. This new range will enhance Peugeot's new identity and assert its move upmarket.

The designers of the Peugeot Design Lab have ensured that Peugeot's logo and icons are displayed prominently on each item in the collection. The Peugeot name appears tastefully on the sleeves of the polo shirts and the bottom of the sweatshirts.

Peugeot's logo is displayed prominently on each item in the collection
Great attention has also been paid to the technicality of each garment or accessory. For instance, the quilted patterns of the bodywarmer are waterproof, and the heat-welded seams of the windbreaker provide optimal insulation. As for accessories, the mugs feature a unique geometric handle. These improvements enhance day-to-day liveability.

The choice of materials for certain garments and accessories accentuate the desire to promote sustainable development and well-being. The recycled leather of the wallets and pouches, for example, reuses existing materials, while the shirts are made from organic cotton.

The Peugeot Lifestyle collection with the new logo complements the Peugeot Sport, 1810 and Legend collections, also designed by the Peugeot Design Lab studio. It is available on Peugeot's official online store.

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