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The Lincoln Star Concept reimagines space within a car for the new electric age, and offers plenty of clever new uses for a frunk and bootlid as well.

23 Apr 2022 | International News : U.S.A

Lincoln has revealed the new Lincoln Star Concept, said to preview the first of the firm's three new electric vehicles.

The SUV body of the Lincoln Star Concept is said to adopt a sleek and dynamic silhouette. Despite this, the concept has been designed to offer as much usable space as is possible from a car built atop a battery-electric platform.

Without the need for space for an engine, the front section of the Lincoln Star Concept has been reimagined into a frunk that opens like a kitchen cabinet
At the front, the 'grille' of the car is now blanked off, and is dotted by numerous 'illuminated crystallines', a pattern that is repeated in the interior of the car. At the centre of this new front also lies an illuminated Lincoln star, which is utilised to greet clients as they approach with a welcome sequence.

The concept's new 'grille' is also able to slide open like a kitchen cabinet, with the bonnet of the car popping upwards to allow easy access to the frunk for stowing away luggage.

And at the rear of the Lincoln Star concept, the 'illuminated crystallines' pattern is also repeated, this time with an illuminated 'Lincoln' wordmark taking its place in the centre. The bootlid here also opens up, now to double as a bench seat from which customers can better soak in the outdoors.

Slip back into the cabin, and there's a coast-to-coast curved horizontal display awaiting you at the front of the concept. This digital panorama is said to display content that flows seamlessly into an integrated center control screen, then into the second-row screen, creating a unique experience for all passengers.

New materials here include the use of chrome alternatives, which are said to work with more traditional leather to create a modern, luxurious experience. Individual lounge leg rests and curated storage for devices and slippers, are said to be available for all seats here, while those at the back will also get access to a glass beverage chiller integrated between the back seats.

The Lincoln Star Concept is also said to offer three rejuvenation moods. These moods will harmonise the audio, scenting and lighting throughout the cabin with crisp, high-resolution animations on the displays, allowing those seated within to experience either a simulated morning walk on the beach, a flowery fragranced vitality boost, or an evening-themed calming ambience accompanied by the smell of evergreens.

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