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Porsche has expressed great interest in increasing its involvement in the eBike segment and has founded two joint ventures as a result.

08 Aug 2022 | International News : Germany

Did you know that Porsche has a subdivision called Porsche eBike Performance GmbH? Well, neither did we. Apparently, this division develops electric drive systems for two-wheelers which include motors, batteries and software architecture for connectivity solutions.

The Stuttgart-based P2 eBike GmbH - powered by Porsche intends to use these drive systems to launch a new generation of Porsche ebikes from the middle of this decade.

Porsche eBike Performance GmBh will also develop and produce particularly performance focused eBike drive systems under the Porsche brand name. The product categories will then be distributed to eBike manufacturers worldwide in future, with the newly founded joint venture will be acting as a technology partner. The electric drive systems will see use in Porsche eBikes as well as products of other brands.

The German sports car maker has also acquired stakes in several eBike companies such as Greyp and Fazua. In June, Porsche also increased its stake in the company from 20% to 100%. 

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