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Ferrari's highly anticipated four-door, four-seater Purosangue sports car that comes with a juicy naturally aspirated V12 promises a unique driving pleasure.

08 Mar 2023 | International News : Italy

This is the Ferrari Purosangue.

It sounds like a handful, I know, but it's Ferrari's first production four-door, four-seater model - even though it's not the Italian sports carmaker's first 2+2 model. The name, pronounced as pu-ro-sarng-gui, translates to 'thoroughbred' in Italian, which is also to say despite the car that you see here on this page being bigger than usual, it remains to be a true blue Ferrari.

The Purosangue looks like nothing in its segment
Sounds like the run-of-the-mill marketing hype that's a tad over-justified? Yes, my sentiments exactly.

But credit where it's due, the Purosangue looks superb, at least to this writer's eyes. It has an unconventional fascia that works well to blend aggression with fascination. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that it doesn't have a front grille. Instead, this has been replaced by a dihedral that's suspended on the lower section, which helps to deliver a more technical aesthetic.

While naysayers may argue that the car looks a tad complex, the blown aero ducts and daytime running lights dominating the front end are the interesting and inevitable responses to accentuating the Purosangue's sporty appearance.

The car comes with a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 powerplant
What's also interesting is the Hill Descent Control that's made available for the first time on a Ferrari. This safety feature helps the driver to maintain and control the car's speed on steep descents. When activated, it controls the braking system without the need for you to depress the brake pedal. It can, however, be manually overridden by using the accelerator pedal.

More relevantly, aside from appearances and safety features, Ferrari's new four-door, four-seater sports car comes equipped with a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 powerplant that's capable of producing a mountain-moving 715bhp and neck-snapping 716Nm of twisting force. These figures allow the car to cross the 100km/h mark from nought in just 3.3 seconds. Find a long stretch of empty road, pedal to the metal, and you may have the chance to hit the car's top speed of 310km/h.

The car's cabin is decidedly sporty and opulent
While I do not think there'll ever be a chance for me to do that, I do reckon the cabin is a lovely place to be. At launch, the Purosangue sports a leather-swath cabin that has four separate and independently adjustable seats. These comfort-biased components, together with the new suspension system that's making its world debut in the Purosangue, mean occupants can expect absolute opulence without compromising on the sportiness that's often associated with the prancing horse.

This said comfort also extends to the cabin’s space. Thanks to a wheelbase of 3,018mm, rear occupants have enough legroom for an interstate road trip with the family and friends. And if a trip up North for a golf game is necessary, the Ferrari offers a massive 473-litre hauling capacity, which is more than adequate for your bags - golf, grocery as well as shopping - to fit in.

Delivery of the Ferrari Purosangue in Singapore is expected to start some time at the end of year, while the regional launch of the car is slated to happen on the first week of April in Thailand.

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