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The all new third generation Range Rover Sport has been unveiled. Is it important to you and me? Well... here's what you need to know about the new SUV.

13 May 2022

The all new Range Rover Sport just celebrated its global unveiling in Dubai. This is being followed by the highly-anticipated fifth generation Range Rover that just made its global launch in San Francisco last month in April. Is it such an important car that's worth the rush? Our Editor heads down to Dubai to find out more about the hype.

In doing so, he finds out a handful of information you and I should know about the all new Range Rover Sport.

1. It's as long as the current generation Range Rover

The new Rangie Sport is now almost as long as the current Range Rover
The size of cars have grown over the years. Apart from having more tech and style for the sake of marketing push and stronger business cases, dimensions of cars have increased significantly. And the new Range Rover Sport is no exception.

At a length of close to 5m, the new Rangie Sport is now as long as the current generation Range Rover, which also translates to a longer wheelbase than before to offer rear passengers better legroom.

Yes, size does matter when it comes to SUVs.

2. What's coming to Singapore and when

The 4.4-litre V8 (pictured) as well as a 3.0-litre in-line six variant will be coming here
Another thing that matters, obviously, are the models and variants that are expected to arrive on our shores at the end of the year. Singapore will be getting the 3.0-litre 48V mild hybrid in-line six that's good for 396bhp and 550Nm of torque, as well as the 4.4-litre V8 that will push out 523bhp and 750Nm of twisting force.

More than just the regular ICE variants, plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) will also be available. According to our sources, two PHEVs - P440e and P510e - will be in stock. Both cars will have in-line six engines and similar torque output of 560Nm. However, their power output differs (denoted by their variant names 440 and 510).

3. Expect full electric drivetrains

Expect a full electric Range Rover Sport by 2024
On the note of drivetrains, we can expect more fully electric models from the carmaker. Given the commitment to fully electrify the Land Rover lineup by 2025, the carmaker has already announced that the all new fifth generation Range Rover will have a fully electric model in 2024.

The Range Rover Sport that you see here will not be any different. Following the flagship Rangie's footsteps, a full electric model of the Sport should be unveiled by 2024 to meet the brand's 2025 promise.

4. Taking infotainment systems to a new level

The 13.1-inch Pivi Pro infotainment system
In addition to the carmaker's commitment, Land Rover has also promised drivers an improved infotainment system - something the brand has been lacking behind its peers for years. With the new Pivi Pro infotainment system in the Rangie Sport, things are expected to change.

Floating in the centre of the dashboard at 13.1-inches large, the Pivi Pro controls everything from navigation to vehicle settings. More impressively, majority of the features can be accessed within just two taps of the main screen, which means you no longer have to dive through sub-menus just to get what you want.

5. It's superbly refined

There are also speakers in the headrests to help reduce external noises when on the move
Last but not least, while Range Rovers have always been refined, the association with external noises and sub-par insulation - like most large SUVs - is often inevitable. But it seems the new Range Rover Sport is about to change that.

Like the flagship Rangie, the Sport comes with Active Noise Cancellation that helps to reduce the effect of external noises entering the cabin for better refinement, or to allow occupants to enjoy the undiluted soundtrack provided by car's powertrain.

How this works is simply an engineering wizardry. Microphones and accelerometers inside each wheel arch constantly monitor the sounds passing into the vehicle, while digital processors calculate the level of noise-cancelling sound required to filter this from the cabin. Think of it working as a pair of high-end headphones.

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